Carrie's Friends

Jorgeann: Jorgeann lives not too far from me. She's in 3rd grade, and I actually met her in daycare when I was much, much younger. She ended up buying the house that Mommy and I wanted to live in. But that's okay with me, because I like having Jorgeann around. Jorgeann is the one who got me into my cheerleading class, even though she later left. I have lots of fun playing with her. She likes a lot of things I like, and we always put on makeup when we play. And she just started going to church with me on Saturdays!

Emma: Emma is in my class at school, and she was in my class in first grade and kindergarten, too. She doesn't live near me, but I love going out to her house. I went trick-or-treating with her and her Mom last year. I was sad this summer that Emma couldn't play as often though. But she's been going to church with me on Saturday's for awhile now, and since the bus doesn't go to her house, her mom drops her off at my house and she rides the bus with me. Then after church she comes back to my house, and her mom comes and gets her. Emma is a lot of fun.

Jayde: Jayde was in preschool with me, my first year. We were the best of friends. I had so much fun staying at her house, and her birthday parties, and when she came to mine. She moved far away, and so now I don't really get to see her. I miss her a lot.

Isabelle: Isabelle used to live next door to me. We played a lot over the years, and I can't even remember when it was we became friends! She moved away last year though, and I miss her a lot. We had fun playing together, even though sometimes we'd get into trouble.

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