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Hi! My name is Carrie. My full name is Carrie Lynn Mandera, and I'm almost six years old! I'm such a big girl. Most of the time I even act like a big girl.

My Uncle Shawn promised me my own internet account when I was born, but I swear, he's the slowest person ever. He's always so busy with other things, that he must have forgotten, or just not gotten around to it. Of course, he still takes time out to play with me, and visit with me, and watch me when he thinks I'm sleeping. But really I just pretend and he watches me. I know why. It's because I'm really cute. =)

Don't worry. I'll bug Uncle Shawn very soon about having my own website. And my own email address. So all of you can email me! I'm sure you're very excited, right? I know you are. I'm a lucky girl!

I live in Helena, Montana at mine and Mommy's house, but we spend a lot of time at Grandmom's house too. Grandmom lives there with Ebony (the dog), Lacy (the cat), and Charm (the newest cat). Charm is my cat, even though she always spends more time with Mommy. Shadow and Uncle Shawn used to live there too, but Shadow died, and Uncle Shawn bought a house, and got married to my favorite Aunt. Aunt Michelle! I was the flower girl in their wedding. You want to see pictures? You better say yes! Go see some here!.

Grandmom is a lot of fun, and tends to allow me to do things that Mommy won't let me do. (On the other hand, Mommy sometimes lets me do things Grandmom doesn't allow me to do. I'm constantly trying to work this out to my advantage!) And at Grandmom's house, I have more room to run around. My bikes are at Grandmom's, and a lot of other toys. Even my kitchen is at Grandmom's. It's a Strawberry Shortcake kitchen. I like Strawberry Shortcake.

When I'm not at Mommy's or Grandmom's, I'm often at school. Yeah, that's right, I'm such a big girl, I even go to school. And this is my third year of school! And it's kindergarten at the Elementary school! That means I'm a very big girl. I love school. And I love riding the school bus. I have lots of friends there, and I'm learning a lot of things. I can read things and write things now. It's great. :)

Speaking of friends, I have to mention a few special friends real quick. First off is Jayde. She went to school with me two years ago, but she's moved far away. I miss her lots. Then there's Isabelle. She lives next door to Grandmom so I get to play with her a lot. I really like Isabelle. I'm also friends with Emma and Vanessa, who are in my class. Vanessa lives near me, but Emma doesn't. But I get to stay the night at Emma's house sometimes. Then there's Jorgeann, who lives down the street. She's in first grade, but is in my cheerleading class with me.

Yes! Cheerleading! Mommy just signed me up not too long ago, but I already love it. We do gymnastics (tumbling) and all kinds of stuff, and when we perform, we'll even get to use pom-pom's! I can't wait. It's great. I can do a one-handed cartwheel now.. and I'm getting better at doing back bends from standing!

I love a lot of things! I watch a lot of TV and a lot of movies. Mommy says I watch too much, but oh well. My favorite TV shows are Full House, Lizzie McGuire, and Charmed

As for movies, I currently adore Lizzie McGuire and Strawberry Shortcake movies (all of them!). I also have many other movies I watch. But far too many to list right now.

What else do I do? I drive Mommy crazy! ahahahaha! Okay. I also love to dance. I dance constantly. I sing. I make up my own songs! They're usually pretty silly ones. I love playing with my friends. I love playing with my toys. My favorite ones currently are Strawberry Shortcake, and My Little Pony's. And Barbie. I also color and draw a lot. I make Mommy more pictures than she has room to put up! I love playing in my kitchen, making food. I love baking cookies. Mommy reads me stories every night before bedtime, and I love that. Though I don't like going to sleep!

I have my own computer, and I like to play on it as well. I have a bunch of games and I play them pretty often. I even have my own webcam!

What else can I tell you? I've traveled a lot. I've been to Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh several times (the first time I was only a month old!). I've visited San Jose, California, and Southern California, near Orange County. I've been in a lot of places in Montana. I've been to South Dakota. I've gone to Washington DC. I love traveling places, and I love airplanes. They're a lot of fun.

Enough for now. It's better than a few minutes ago when it was I was 2 years old! ;)

UNCLE SHAWN!!! Give me my account :( And some gum. Thanks!

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Last updated: 12/4/03

Grandmom says that Mommy needed to make a disclaimer saying she helped me with this page. But, what do Grandmom's know anyway?