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Jen Case
Jen Case is a really hard person to explain. I met her when I was 12. We became friends fairly quickly, after 'hating' each other at first. Our friendship was a lot like that. We hated each other one day and were best friends the next. It was constantly like that. We also had this bad habit of liking the same guys, which never got us much of anywhere. In 1995, we got in trouble for shoplifting together, among many other things.. By the time 1996 came around, I was with Chris, and Jen had ended up living here at my house. We were working, even at the same place and well, things were starting to get kind of tense I guess. Since we'd always had that off and on friendship, it was a bit harder when the person lived with you. And even shared a room with you. Well at some point, we got into a fight, I believed something had happened with her and Chris, so I was really mad at her. She moved out while I was at work, taking stuff of mine and my mom's with her. I was furious. I was at Chris' work, and him and I were fighting, when Jen showed up there one day. I was already mad, and wondering why she was at *my* boyfriends work, we exchanged words, and I ended up punching her. Erm.. Shortly after, she moved to Great Falls and has lived there ever since. I, of course, had heard details of her life, but never so much as talked to her, or had any desire to talk to her. That was around the summer of 1995. At the end of January, 1999, she called and ended up coming over. It was interesting. She was in town for a weekend basically, and we spent a lot of time catching up. She also has two kids.. Austin, born May 5, 1997, and Libertie who was born on November 9th, 1998.

Jen has a lot going on in her life right now, health wise, and I feel pretty bad for her. I hope it all works out okay. We've become friends again, and I've visted her, and she visits me. I'm glad. We've both grown up a lot, I think, and we're better friends for it now.
James Ridle
I've known James since middle school, especially 8th grade. He used to pick on my friend Sarah and I almost every day. He was always great for a laugh, and he still is. He is the wackiest guy I know, but he's good fun. :) He just recently got married, so I'm very happy for him. We hung out for awhile a couple of years ago, and it's been a long while since we've hung out, but we still chat online, so that's at least good. :) He's a really great guy. :) *Hugs*
Chris Wegner
Chris is a hard person for me to explain. I met him in 1991, when I first moved to Montana, and I used to have the biggest crush on him. In 1995 we started to date, and we dated until like April of 1998. Our relationship wasn't exactly good, by any standards, though I cared about him a lot and believed that I was completely in love with him. He cheated on me a lot, and more often than not, things were going badly. But we had our moments, I suppose. I can't recall them now but we must have. Anyhow, we broke up in April of 1998 when I found he had gotten someone pregnant in February. He had also moved to California in the ARMY. Well, apparently the girl was never pregnant, and faked it for the whole 9 months. Chris and I became friends again, though. On November 30th, 1998, he married Stacey Warinke, though I don't understand why he suddenly did that. They've since gotten a divorce. Chris moved back to Helena in February or April of 2001, and we started hanging out more, but only as friends. He got a job in Bozeman, and I drove him down there so he could find a place to live. Now he's back in Helena, and has since gotten married. I hope all is going well for him. I see him from time to time, but not too often.
I removed so many people. And hell, these days I have no friends. Ahh well, such is life, right?
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