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People Pages
* Amy * Amy is one very cool girl. She and I share a love for photography. (flickr)
* Brad * I think I still have some I <3 Paragod clothing laying around somewhere...
* Caren * Caren and I used to dislike each other, but later became friends. She completely rocks.
* Chris * Chris is another friend that has meant a lot to me. His site is blank! (flickr)
* Doug * Doug is an old old friend of mine who's been nothing but fantastic to me. *HUGS* (flickr)
* Jon * Jon is one of the dearest friends I've ever had. Sadly we've grown apart, but I'll always love him a ton.
* Rich * Rich and I have a crazy history, but I'm glad we've remained (somehow) friends in the end! :)
* Steve * Steve rocks, but it's been ages since I've talked to him.
* Tanesha * Tanesha (aka Jess) is one of my absolute favorite girls I've met online. Love you!
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