Unfortunately, I never had a chance to get to know skOt very well, and I never got to meet him. I talked to him on IRC in #714 at times but never knew him as the people in #714 did. So I'll let their pages speak for skOt.. - ShdwKnghts page with pictures of skOt and pictures from the get together everyone had in memory of skOt. - Agro set this site up, to inform all of skOt's friends on what happened basically. He put up skOt's last log and the log after the first people were informed. He also put up some news articles. Due to the immaturity of many people, ekay added the first section later on.

And a few articles themselves on the incident.. (mirror)

Everyone misses you.. and who knows.. maybe someday somewhere I'll get to meet you.

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last updated: 12/7/99