I have decided I need to make a quotes section *just* for Annie quotes (ones not involving anyone else). Reason being, she has sooo damn many of them ;) She just can't keep her mouth shut.. erm ;) *Grins* I know ;) Anyhow, ANNIE I LOVE YOU!%#!%$#!

#warez-paige quotes

* Cluey is away - *sniff* I just suck...

<Cluey> paigeybabiebestestlesbianseckz0rerihaveeverhad withthesoftstrapondildothatknowshowtolubmeJUSTright

<Cluey> asylum - dont you hate that.. you get all busy and then someone has to pee? :P

<Cluey> yeah the whole conversation was like *bzzzzzzzzzzz* "it's so hard"

<Cluey> mmm Paige beating Tim.. mmm

<Cluebee> *laugh* my ideal job is a bouncer.. at a lesbian bar.. ;)

<MsAnnie> oh tim.. you know you're special and your's dont have to be gold or silver.. i like yours just the way it cums ;)
<MsAnnie> gollee.. now i am wet :/

<MsAnnie> i dont give any sekz.. so maybe if i give a little sekz i could get alot of jewlery ;)

<Cluey> i cant Jason.. I am having wild and kinky sex with a 9 year old :)

* Cluey is just a whore.. chicken, sheep, cows, it doesnt matter :)

* MsAnnie gives aCkerz all her money.. now gimme sex

<MsAnnie> yeah.. I'm going to join the mile high club with the hot sweaty fat guy who drools in the seat next to me *laugh*

<Cluey> i need a job too.. find me one.. and not as a lesbian bar bouncer :)

* Annie` licks all the cum off of her lolipop.. mm nummy

<Cluey> im going to an all girls' school.. think of all the orgies ;)

<Annie`> i like cum.. erm.. most people dont think of that as a bad thing

* Annie` shoots Paige with the extra cum she keeps in storage :)

* Annie` lovingly teases emmi's cock.. mmmm ;)

<Cluey> i want to be with you forever.. i want to be your little slave girl and cook, clean, and be barefoot and pregnant with your children.

#teen quotes

<Cluey> PLEASE FUCK ME%!&$&!%@

<Cluey> I like a soft strap on =)

<Cluey> man if we are going to get called whores and uhm.. stuff we might as well have a reason :)

<Cluey> AM I GAY!??!?!?


<Annie> ./msg paige so when do you wanna get together for our hot lesbian threesome.. If i cant get a man I want you
<Annie> ACK!

<Annie> uhm.. I am a hooker.. but ya know.. I am cheap.. ya know.. 100 is like on a high demand night like friday or saturday :)

<Annie> paigey- i am saving up to buy you that dildo harness you always wanted :)

<Annie> I lub Paigey's great 9 speed.. that does it for me all the time

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