Chris (cjp) and my Mom talking

Chris and I talking

<chris> Great, another bombshell raised like yourself.
<chris> I'd be a proud mothjer.
<Paige> haha, my mom just read that cause she came in the room
<Paige> and anyhow chris, i have no intentions of raising this child here with my parents ;)
<Paige> matter in fact, i'm going to be moving out ;)
<Paige> chris, my mom wants to know if she can talk to you erm.. i'd say no, but i'd figure i'd ask you :)
<chris> If she goes out of the room and returns with a coathanger and a towel, I'll consider it.

Mom starts talking to Chris

<Paige> Chris, Paige shows more emotional maturity than you do, judged by your behavior here. First, this is absolutely none of your business.
<Paige> Second, your opinions count for absolutely nothing.
<chris> Oh hi skanky mom. You sure turned out a winner.
<Paige> Third, you have no true knowledge of Paige or of her capabilities.
<Paige> Hi, yourself. And I'm quite proud of all three of my children. They certainly aren't perfect, but in comparison with such as yourself (as evidenced here), they are pretty fantastic.
<chris> She can type fast, victimize men into givnig her attention, is a master attention whore, isn't responsible enough to use birth control, andis ashamed to reveal who the fatehr is, even if she knows who it is.
<chris> Did I miss anything?
<Paige> If you must know, yes, she does know. As do the rest of her family and most of those she considers to be true friends. Why, considering your hostility towards her, would she consider you a friend worthy of her confidence?
<chris> She chose me to announce it to the community at large.
<chris> Unsurprisingly, ever since discovering she's been banged up, they've all disowned her.
<Paige> Good for you. However, since you have no real knowledge of the income of this family, you cannot be truly sure of your facts, can you be?
<chris> Hey bombshellmom, tune in Saturday, you'll get to hear the results of the "name the father" raffle.
<Paige> She hasn't, as far as I know, ever been "owned" by them in the first place. She truly is her own person.
<Paige> Childish behavior doesn't become you a bit.
<chris> I know basic welfare rates, and therefore know the income of your family. Simple logic really.
<Paige> Based on misinformation, I'm afraid. But what you wish to believe you know is wholly your own business. I prefer not to make assumptions about things of which I have no real knowledge.
<chris> Like, for example, how many tries it took before she actually got inseminated? Yah, she doesn't assume to know either.
<Paige> Quite frankly, none of your business. Her personal life is hers and she shows more class by keeping such information to herself.
<chris> Keeping such information to herself? *SHE* requested that *I* announce it to the larger channels she victmises.
<Paige> I wonder, why is that you claim to dispise her so much and yet, you can't seem to just stay out of her business?
<chris> She's the one that messages me bi-weekly with "hihihihi ;p"
<Paige> Got log files to prove that she does that bi-weekly?
<chris> I'm not pathetic enough to log conversations
<Paige> Nice volley.
<chris> ON the topic of tennis rackets, you may want to have one handy to catch/strain the kid out after you're done with the coathanger.
<Paige> Are you naturally this vulgar and crude or did you have to practice a long time to gain a level of expertise?
<chris> "Nice volley."
<Paige> Thanks.
<Paige> Well, it has been rather interesting chatting with you. But I have other things I need to be doing. Cya.
<chris> I hope those include visiting your closet or contacting an adoption agency.