/kill's (Birthday and Other)

*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (Zakath (Happy Birthday!! (from Paige-))))
*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (Jordy (happy bday -from paige)))
*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (zuez (excuse the vanity, but HAPPY BDAY JASON!@# FROM MARK AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS)))
*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (jimmie (a bifday eh? better watch out :))))))))
*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (Mickulz (Happy B-day Buddy, from me and _Compu !!!!!!!)))
*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (seussy (happy bday ;)))
*** Jason` (~tebunny@ Quit (Killed (habit (happy 19th from paige :D)))

*** Quits: Dolza (Killed (Zakath (Happy Birthday!! (Paige made me do it))))

*** Quits: ybluud (Killed (jimmie (well i may have you on /ignore but its STILL YOUR BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY#$*$%*#)))
*** Quits: ybluud (Killed (Jordy (i guess it's your birthday now... at least in my timezone)))
*** Quits: yblood (Killed (Jordy (i gotta kill all your clones for your birthday)))
*** Quits: yblud (Killed (Jordy (you too, happy bday)))
*** Quits: ybrud (Killed (Jordy (JOY MORE YB CLONES, happy birthday)))
*** Quits: whyblud (Killed (Jordy (happy happy happy yb-clone birthday)))
*** Quits: ybluud (Killed (habit (happy birthday :D)))
*** Quits: yblood (Killed (frashalso (SEKSI YBLOOD HASA BIRTHDAY!!!!!! *LIX*)))
*** Quits: yblud (Killed (poseidon (Oh yah..i didnt see you yesterday. Happy Belated Bday.)))

*** Quits: sps (Killed (marcus ( happy birthday lubba peasie)))
*** Quits: sps (Killed (jimmie (I LOVE YOU HONY HAPPY BIRTHDAY)))
*** Quits: sps (Killed (frashalso (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! )))
*** Quits: sps (Killed (AlphaOne (THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!!! =))))
*** Quits: sps (Killed (marcus (its your birthday? mine too!)))
*** Quits: sps (Killed (Jordy (i'm goign to sleep, but i know it's your birthday.. so happy bday)))

*** Quits: marcus (Killed (jimmie (ITSYOURBIRTHDAY DIE)))

*** Jason` has quit IRC (Local kill by FlashMan (Paige says happy birthday =)))
*** Jason` has quit IRC (Local kill by hmz (happy bday you seckZi boi))
*** Jason` (jason@millennium.crestar.net) Quit (Killed (russb (happy b-day from me and paige !@#!@)))

*** crazy has quit IRC (Killed (russb (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM PAIGE AND I)))

*** jimmie has quit IRC (Killed (cdy (WOOI BOIFDAY KILL FOR PAIGE)))
*** jimmie has quit IRC (Killed (russb-uci (HAPPY BDAY FROM ME AND PAIGE!@#)))
*** jimmie has quit IRC (Killed (plan9 (happy bday from me and paige!%&#)))
*** jimmie has quit IRC (Killed (_Olivier_ (everybody kills u from paige - r u having an affair with her ? HAPPY BDAY )))
*** jimmie has quit IRC (Killed (Precious1 (Happy Bday again this time from Paige =))))
*** Notice -- Received KILL message for jimmie. From mUnChEE Path: irc.best.net!irc.exodus.net[]!irc.ais.net[2]!quad.quadrunner.com!mUnChEE (happy birthday you (*#&$ (and from paige of course).)

*** OliFeroce has quit IRC (Killed (habit (from paige and me happy birthday olibabe!)))

*** Tbag has quit IRC (Killed (acidflash (happy b-day!)))
*** Tbag has quit IRC (Killed (comstud (<Paige> You should have killed him for me too. ;))))

Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] Jon2 (Local kill by Jon2 (isn't it your birthday soon?))

Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (TommCat (HAPPY BIRTHDAY from cdoug!@#$%!@#)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (brian-x (HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! (from Joey))))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (brian2 (happy birfday %#@!$)))
Closing Link: paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us Paige (Local kill by nh (love ya paige. happy birfday))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (acidflash (happy b-day woman!)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (mark (woii happy birthday!)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (Violator (sorry Paige...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (Mike-D (I wub yew....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (plan9 (happy birthday grrl!)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (gemini-- (happy bday from lotbd and me)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (billnolio (HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (Vilas (why didn't ya tell us? HAPPY BDAY)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (GoodFella (happy hanucka--err-- britz-errr-- birthday I mean)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (PrimeMonk (stupid flooding idio.. oh wait no, this is a happy birthday kill! :))))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (Vilas (happy birthday from mason)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (mUnChIe (Happy 18th Paigey!)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (boufa (*petpet* Happy Birfday gurl , wokka wokka)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (boufa ([09:09] *butnik* kill paiger for me -< Birthday kill!@)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (frashtew (wooi!!! Paige is legal!!! =D)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (duncan_ (i guess i also should add a kill to the list)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (Precy (*smewch* Happy BDay =))))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (frashtew (Happy Birthday from lotb, Merlin, and about 90 other ppls who req =))))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] Jon2 (Local kill by Jon2 (It's that day, isn't it?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY @!#*@#)$(%*#)@*))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (Jon4 (Doing it again so that it's a global kill.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOIIIIII)))
*** Persence (paige@arianna.sonn.com) Quit (Killed (comstud (Happy Birthday, Paige! honey..darling...cutie...you're my wife and lawf of my li)))
*** Persence (paige@arianna.sonn.com) Quit (Killed (comstud ((continued) you're the lawf of my life, oh dearest lawfer of mine *kiss* *kiss* )))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (_8-Ball_ (do we still do bday kills?..happy birthday :))))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (notdpk (you're a good birthday girl ! and um. hi.)))
Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (russb (happy belated birthday!)))

*** yblood has quit IRC (Killed (rudling(happy birthday from blu3ie!)))
*** yblood has quit IRC (Killed (Viola (you didn't tell me..happy birthday!@#)))
*** yblood has quit IRC (Killed (comstud (*KISS* i love you...happy birfday)))
*** yblood has quit IRC (Killed (Viola (birthday kill number two, just coz i miss you!)))
*** yblood has quit IRC (Killed (Adair (I don'tknow you.. but you seem so popular! So happy birthday!!)))

*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (johnny5 (happy birthday!!(%$#))))
*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (johnny5 (this one's for Paige)))
*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (prysm (wheeee!! it's your birthday!!!)))
*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (marktoo (birthday eh? happy bday russ 8))))
*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (frashie (Happy Happy Birthdai!)))
*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (boufa (happy late Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
*** russb has quit IRC (Killed (Temp (happy late birthday)))

Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (russb (did i ever tell you how much i love you?)))

*** frashie has quit IRC (Killed (moonwolf (I heard Alaskans were Americans Canadian's threw out as undesirable :P)))

*** cmang has quit IRC (Local kill by Da5id (local happy vanity birthday kill from the flipper groupies))
*** cmang has quit IRC (Killed (frashtew (Happy Birthday =) (from paige and crew))))

Closing Link: Paige[paige@paige.tmcomputers.helena.mt.us] (Killed (_cls_ (reverse bday kill <Paige> Happy Birthday DeeCee!)))

*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (mUnChIe (happy birthday d0rk)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (jimmie (WISH U BDAY)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (boufa (BONNE FETE!@! *smoooooooch*)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (habit (how old are u this decade? happy b'day!)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (mr_bill (wow, 30 years old, and still a virgin. happy birthday.)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (mr_bill (give yourself a birhtday present - wank with the OTHER hand!)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (Temp (cause I love you, I'm taking requests, daysee says happybirthday)))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (BlackJac (Happy Birthday [btw this was requested by Da5id] =))))
*** Jon2 has quit IRC (Killed (habit (variety is spice of life, use your left hand tonight! happy b'day! (from paige a)))

*** Tskk has quit IRC (Killed (habit-ais (HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!)))
*** Notice -- Received KILL message for Tskk. From frashTOT Path: irc.exodus.net[unknown@]!irc.ais.net[]!irc.total.net[unknown@ali.total.net]!kamal.total.net!frashTOT (A TSKit as TaSKit, a Birthday Basket! (From Paige))

ùíù SignOff humble: #warez-paige (Local kill by realiTAY (happy bday!@!))
*** humble has quit IRC (Killed (_cls_ (spambot <humble> btw, its my bday =) => happy bday!)))
*** humble has quit IRC (Killed (Tsk (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUCKER@$ :-))))
*** humble has quit IRC (Killed (frashTOT (Happy Spawning Day)))
*** humble has quit IRC (Killed (zoo0oop (yet another excuse to /kill! (HAPPY B'DAY))))

*** You were killed by Farlow (arpa.oper!Farlow (VANITY shot right at yah babbbbyyy turn me down again?))

Signoff: Paige (Local kill by humble (this should be global, but congratulations on the kid =)))

*** Quits: Paige_ (Killed (Tskpa (goodness gracious, i love this woman!)))
*** Notice -- Received KILL message for Paige_. From Efudd Path: puffer.quadrunner.com!Efudd(L) (hi!)

*** Quits: Jeremy (Local kill by moogle (happy birthday from jekel and everyone else who lubs ewe!))
*** Quits: Jeremy (Local kill by coremon ((ryan@coremon) HAPPY BDAY!!@#))

*** Quits: Raj` (Local kill by coremon ((Top@coremon) HAPPY BDAY BABY!))
*** Quits: Raj` (Local kill by moogle (I SAY THEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY))
*** Quits: Raj` (Local kill by coremon ((ryan@coremon) HAPPY BERSHDAY!))

*** Quits: warbux (Local kill by apropos (you even got killed when it wasn't your birthday))

*** Quits: Paige (Killed (apropos (happy birthday from like half efnet dera :))))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (drifter2 (did someone say birthday? HAPPY B-DAY, You're not jail bait, right?:)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (some-guy (i dont know you, but happy birthday anyway)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (brian2 (happy birthday from your kid's fath...errr...)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (jimmie (happy birthday, is that pic jon2 is giving out real? ;))))
*** Quits: Paige (Local kill by clavo (:HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (jason` (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM MELLA AND ME (BTW, MELLA LOVES YEW)!@#)*!$)*)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (GF (i wanted to kill u 1st - since i'm not on 2am in the morning like the rest of them - happy)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (pier (happy bday!)))
*** Quits: Paige (Local kill by insanity (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
*** Quits: Paige (Local kill by coremon ((Top@coremon) HAPPY BIRTHDAY @#)%*@#)%*@$%^$#))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (dbaker (happy brufday from me too!)))
*** Quits: Paige (Local kill by UncleJed (why not join in, i'm a follower. gratuitous bday kill))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (RoadRuner (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!*&@#%^*!&@^#&!@^#)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (humble- (oh yeah my turn now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (humble- (and one to grow on *runs*)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (Mel-Home (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!@#(%!@_#%(&!%)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (sedriss (paiges exbf had a 9" weiner!@! Happy bday!)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (some-guy (i thought yesterday was your birthday !#@$!#@)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (humble- (hint... never complain that you had more kills last year :P)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (markalso (agreed.. happy birthday though!)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (humble- (23:59:59 MDT HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR THE LAST TIME! :P)))
*** Quits: Paige (Local kill by coremon ((ryan@coremon) HAPPY BELATED BDAY! (from me and luch)))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (jimmie (jon2 missed out, here's a late kill from him :))))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (myc (*sm00ch* - I missed your birfday ;()))
*** Quits: Paige (Killed (humble- (its still your birthday somewhere over the pacific!)))

ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Local kill by Jon2 (happy birthday from paige))
ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Local kill by ami (happy birthday my partner in anal bliss))
ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Killed (mUnChEE (Happy Birthday Jon Jon Happy Birhtday to you.)))
ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Killed (FaceMan (happy biiiiirthdaaay)))
ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Killed (myc (FUCK YOU!@#*@#*@#*@#$(@#$()@#$)#@%(@#$*# - Oh happybday! :-))))
ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Killed (Jalapeno (It's your birthday, so quit fucking picking on everyone =p)))
ωνω SignOff Jon2: #sesame_street (Killed (ParaGod (happy birthday fucker!))
*** Signoff: Jon2 (Local kill by Mel-home (happy birthday jon))