Tom's Scout / IHC Paraphernelia

Luckily, in my pursuit of Scouts, I've come across some interesting paraphernelia. Here are links to pics of some of my items.. please pardon the quality, I did this with my Color QuickCam tonight, the scanner at work doesn't seem to want to communicate with Win NT..

In addition to the cute lil' pics I've put up, I have several original receipts, and my line setting ticket. Some details:

Receipt 1 Receipt 2
Item Price Item Price
Base Price $3,212 72 Scout II Travel Top $3,388
P.D. $50 G-78-15 Tires Front $15.50
Front $33 G-78-15 Tires Rear $23
ft hin(??) $22.25 5 Mud & Snow $11.25
Rear $33.25 Painted rear $73bumper $15.50
Mud Tires $10.50 Manual Hubs $73
Hubs $70 H.D. Front / Rear Springs $12
can't read $60 Trailer Wiring $9
Engine $155 Undercoating $24.50
Skid Plate $15.25 11" H.D. Clutch $15
Rear Seat $97 V8 304 $161
Front Seat $29.50 Hand throttle $4.25
Increased Load $15.75 Skid plate $16
Automatic Choke $15.50 Mats $6.25
Floor Mats $6.25
Mirrors $14
Total Price $3,839.25 Total Price $4,158.85

New Stuff! 12/27/2000

An IH Scout toy Michelle's parents found for me - "Fixer-Upper"

They also had this old ad framed for me!

An IH Branded 9/16" wrench from Michelle's parents, too!

Best guess is this is a refridgerator tray..

My IH Fridge my mom found for me in Glendive, MT.

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