Mt Dew, Coke, and Twix

Okay, this log might be considered um.. *offensive* to some. Anyhow, it was me and a bunch of people being extremely weird on IRC one night. These logs take place in #dew (I think) and in #warez-paige. Most of us were joking, although I can't garuntee that all of us were *evil grin* Not mentioning any names though ;) Anyhow, enjoy! =) (And Tim, thank you for giving me your permission to use this log ;) *Smewch* ;)

* Dolz douches paige with coca cola then gives her a pap smear using a twix bar
* Dolz runs
* insane_ ponders soaking his penis in dew
<Paige> *ROFLMAO*
* _LivEvil_ gives Dolz a coca cola enema
<_Billy_> please stop
<Paige> now that's a quote i'm keeping
* _Billy_ jacks off
<insane_> what a way to get girls to give ya head
<|Joey|> candy, dew, soda, sex, and masturbation... yup, paige is awake.


<_Billy_> mtdew stole the cum
<_Billy_> now its not who stole christmas
* |Joey| has left - Feeling... not so fresh. Where's the coke at?
<_Billy_> its which of them mountain dew mixers that mixed this stuff stole my cum
* Ski4Ever is away: finding candy bar
* |Joey| has returned... Ahh, I feel... tingely. ú1m25sú