Jason`, Penguins, Purple Elephants

This is another kind of odd log. This one involves Jason` and he was drinking, apparently, and talking about the strangest things.. sometimes I worry about his sanity, though I adore him anyhow. :)

August 15th, 1998 11:00 pm

<Jason`> paige.. the penguins are comming to get me :(
<Paige> penguins? *blinks*
<Jason`> yah... they steal yer beer
<Jason`> they are comming to get me
<Paige> hah
<Paige> they best stay away from mine =)
<Jason`> i think they planted a chip inside my skull, i've tried everything.. knife, razors.. screwdrivers..
<Paige> *roflmao*
<Paige> what are you talking about?
<Jason`> and i thin kthe only way to get the chip out of my head is a powerdrill
<Jason`> the chip the penguins put in my skull, they know my thoughts.. and i know they did it, and i'm trying to get the chip out.. but no one will help me ccause they think i'm crazy :/
<Jason`> and i think i have to use a powerdrill to get a hole big enough to remove the chip
<Paige> omg
<Paige> i'm just cracking up laughing
<Paige> stop it ;p
<Jason`> i'm serious.. do you think i'm caryz?
<Jason`> crazy?
<Paige> *Roflmao*
<Jason`> running down the penguins, wif a pocketfull of shellz
<Paige> i think you're on crack
<Paige> seriously
<Jason`> the penguins got to you too :( they make you think people are crazy when they get found out
<Jason`> so you won't help me drill a hole in my head to get the chip out? i swear it's there, you can feel it :(
<Paige> no way ;p
<Jason`> but paige, it's there! i swear :(
<Jason`> they put it there
<Paige> *rofl*
<Paige> i think i need to go have a beer =)
<Jason`> pwease, help me use the drill to get it out :(
<Jason`> it won't hurt me
<Jason`> and when you see the chip you'll believe me
<Paige> jason.. how much have you drank?
<Jason`> half of the glass
<Jason`> it was really strong
<Paige> drink some more ;)
<Jason`> i think it's the chip though, acting up saying um drunk
<Jason`> so the penguins can come fix the error :(
* Paige blinks
<Jason`> they come to me at night, the penguins
<Jason`> they do horrible things, they show you things
<Paige> i don't know what kind drugs you're on, but i want some
<Jason`> and if you were me, you'd try to remove the hcip too
<Jason`> i'm sober!
<Jason`> i think
<Paige> lol
<Jason`> whut? :P
<Paige> nothing =)
<Jason`> at least the purple elephant protekts me though
<Jason`> he told me about the penguins
<Paige> purple elephant?
<Paige> were you smoking weed that was laced with acid or something?
<Jason`> yah, the purple elephant, he comes to me sometimes
<Jason`> no! i'm smoking cigs
<Jason`> but see, the purple elephant knows of the penguins plan
<Paige> who laced them?
<Jason`> he showed me where the chip is
<Jason`> you can feel it under my skull
<Jason`> er skin, i'll show you
<Jason`> will you believe me then?
<Paige> no thanks ;)
<Jason`> hehehehe
<Jason`> you've never seen the purple elephant?
<Paige> no
<Jason`> i'll tell him to visit ya
<Paige> never saw him
<Jason`> hrm..
<Paige> hrm :p
<Jason`> i must warn my close friends of the penguins
<Jason`> sigh, paige, i'm drunk
<Paige> i know this ;p
<Paige> i can tell