#dznutz and #dz quotes

<Powder^> omg
* dznutz rezips up's his pants
<dznutz> nothing to omg about anymore.

<jix> i am a leet aol hacker

<motel6> oh its you
<motel6> die
<xDeath-> u know how many chiqs say that to me after they wake up next to me in bed?

* lewlew reaches down and grabs motel's thing

<_ddd> sonix
<_ddd> wen I get off
<_ddd> we'll talk more

<dznutzX> nothing like a bleeding penis to start the day off.

<jesse_> when I was little I thought babies came out of your butt

* TheViper has returned, you know your day is gonna be hell when you get your dick caught in your zipper first thing... :/. (gone15h2m)

* ShdwKnght sticks his finger up his furbys butthole

<Paige> shdw just hates ppl, jess is netsexing dz, who's ignoring her, and dz is on the phone.. you people are weird.. :/

<Paige> i can take care of jess iwthout the use of a strap on

<Paige> poor dz, all he can satisfy with is a strap-on :(((

*** notjesse is now known as harold
<harold> leave dz alone, he's busy rubbing his hands over me

harold is harold@loves.jess.org * I'm a strap-on

<dev> i prefer my women to bed silent, and act like they're dead

<notjess> I packet down someone
<notjess> and you here "THWACK"
<notjess> as my dick hits my computer desk
<notjess> :(

<lewlew> and she wants a turtle? pfft
<jesse_> bigger dick :/

<lewlew> yeah well, its sad when you can't get it up

*** jesse_ changes the topic to '<lewlew> will you,tanesha, take harold, to be your midnight pleasure toy?'

<jdk|> what do u feed her?
<Paige> erm
<jess_> uh
<Paige> milk ;p
<jess_> her boob
<Paige> *laugh*
<jdk|> wh0rd
<jdk|> im hungry
* jdk| crys

* dzsbaby will miss paige
<dzsbaby> who else is gonna give me strapons for my bananas? :/
<lewlew> that was me you bastard!@

* jesse_ is away, looking for a banana [log:ON] [page:ON]

* s0nica gets on her hands and knees (not for that purpose)
<s0nica> pleeeeeeeeease
<_dznutz> damn, I really wanted you to warship me :)

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