#fatkids quotes

<Kain> I AM GAY

<Myrlin> PAIGEE
<Myrlin> I GOT A GIRL

<zodiac-> Sparklez turns me on =[

<sociopath> since i'd fuck anything anyway.. beer goggles have no use for me.

<legacy> when i wanna see some nekkid guy with a small prick ill go look in mirror

<sociopath> if you need me i'll be wanking my cock to "Lezos with Toys" porn.

<[m1]> i hate standing in front of a stall and pissing on the guy next to me
<[m1]> they usually dont take "sorry.. crooked" as an excuse

*** sventek changes topic to 'foreskin: do you wash it? do you chop it? do you love it? next on #fatkids'

<[m1]> dude im gonna get strips of electrical tape, put them on my penis across the shaft and then sunbathe nude.
<[m1]> i figure in a few hours i should have a tiger striped penis

<dose> i saw a mexican cowboy driving a chevelle with a marijuana leaf on the back of his square dancing outfit

<wrong> sociopath has just about as much of a chance of getting sex from sara as m1 does of growing pubic hair in the next 3 minutes.

*** [m1] changes topic to 'every summer i paint my nuts blue with nailpolish and sing the smurfs theme '

<knox> <-- ahh ahhh i just dropped Unix Network Programming in my testicles

<legacy> i hope when im married my wife doesnt put her used wrapped up maxis on the bathroom counter

<knox> i made a glove gun for wet tampons
<knox> and .. well nevermind

<ybee> hrm, it may seem someone jacked my bottle of pills
<knox> someone jacked off into your bottle of pills?

<knox> i dislike the taste of dog spew

<knox> fucek cant' efen type
<knox> fiucl off
<Paige> hahaha
<weak> lol
<knox> fuck optff:P)

<djk> someone stole our community bottle of KY. i'm pissed at the world.

<jcd> you think these chicks would learn that when they stick dildos in their butts, someone is going to take a picture.

<[m1]-> just once i think i want to put my unit between a hotdog bun

<sventeq> masturbation is ok i guess, but chapped dick sux

<Jugernaut> I haven't put it in, that'll take all day

last updated: 4/22/99