#teen quotes

<pSybrpunk>17/M/Chronic Masturbator/Optimistic/Philantrope

<Rydia> [sdog] I'm a little peepee, short and stout, I try to unf girls but it just slips out

<Skittle> I phear cum.

<Rydia> <dorian> god i need pussy.

* Jason hax0red his penis :( it hurt

*** JohnnyCat changes topic to "I would sex0r chiqs if my hand didnt ask for it so often"

* Jason looks down

<Jason> help, my hand filed rape charges against me :(

* Cluey gets out her 5 speed :P
<stuart> Usually when I come on here people talk about music. Now its 5-speed vibrators

<Jason> just like, bend over, grit yer teeth and close your eyes cause i'm plunging in

<Jason> thats what I want for my birthday
<Jason> free pussah
<Jason> cept you can't really gift wrap it

<Jason> give me good anal sex0r and I will awp yew

<imodz> paige: actually, I'll prolly end up jerkin' off before I go to bed,.. but ya know, IRC just doesn't *do it* for me.. :)

<stuart> Damn!!! I lost my detachable penis

<shrikey> 3 girls and 1 guy.. every mans wet dream.. :)
<Jason> shrikey: too many holes, not enuff toolz.

<stuart> Having to use a magnifying glass to masturbate.... damn it is the pits

<C-Man@ColdFury> Mark is as innocent as Jason's right hand

* Jason is now away: _masturbatiing to the lez's 3 some, bb in 15
* DJswift is also jacking off
<Jason> wank it good

<avery@BobCat> sean: you like sucking horse cock?
<sean@automatic> no i prefer goat cocks
<sean@automatic> goats are better than women

<imodz> I have a 2 inch cock!

* sockie@Chocobo vibrates
<sockie@Chocobo> uuHhhhHHHhhHHHhHHHHhh
* sockie@Chocobo gets that funny feeling in his tummy

<Brian@Neve> EPU = Exceptional Penial Unit (I'm the only one in California who has this rating)

<tfreak@Chocobo> =MissSatan= oh man sucking on this pop is like a blow job

*** (Koala) Susan left the party line: but paige i have an unyding love for you
*** Annie left the party line: but paige.. i want to softly carress you by the fire .. one snowy montana night.. I can take your mind off Chris... forever.. just gimme a chance

<Jason@Koala> my peepee is large and hard
<Jason@Koala> it requires attention and loving care
* tfreak@Rydia strokes jason's long and hard peepee
<Jason@Koala> stroke it HARDER
<tfreak@Rydia> its so LONG AND HARD
* tfreak@Rydia bites his lower lip and yanks it harder
* tfreak@Rydia wipes the sweat from his brow
<tfreak@Rydia> PAIGE JOIN IN AGAIN
<tfreak@Rydia> like you used too

<Xtant@Aeris> Girls run around licking and groping each other
<Xtant@Aeris> But do you see guys running around sticking their dicks in each others faces?

<Paladine> this is better than jackdaniels and coke
<arnel> nope jackin'-off and pepsi roolz

<arnel> i like sperm wiff a hint of mint sauce on the side..

<Jason`> i'm serious, i wanna like, get my dogs tounge peirced, so he can hae more fun cleaning those vital areas

<Pv> paige: I'm a psychopathic pedofile.... can I have your picture? pleeeeeeease

<spg> i'd go for 'wanna check out my harddrive'
<spg> or for you floppy if you prefer

*** jutt- (jutt@ex.girlfriends.are.bitches.org) has joined #teen

* Dolz has returned, paige pee turns me on. (gone 29m24s)

<Jason`> Paige: see, what you do, is make it all wet wif water, and then you put it in a dryer for about 20 mins, it comes out nice and warm inside, and you put some lubrication in it on yerself and poof, instant orgasm within 2 minutes

<Doordude> I get to be in Paige's log file
<Amykins`> i get to be in paige's log, too

<Linne> /m paige and then a touch your warm soft little love mound with my hot steaming....

<jordan> EvilAdam, i only made love to my sister once, and i was drunk ;[

<Stallion_> Paige, if you were a stamp, id lick your back all day long!

<Jason`> sex requires penis, vagina, and one bellybutton

<sockie@WBlake> ive got a bookmark labeld "leather cock rings ball streatchers spreaders "

* Jason` 9/f/horny/tight

<jenna`> Paige; ur mom is like neat in a horny kinda way =p

<jadedboi> im typing with one hand and im doing well enough

<Paige> jaded: *laugh* well if being horny means being the devil's friend, then he's my best friend *evil grin*

<Hawkerly> you should see what i do for $10

<SandKing> you know the song Smack My Bitch Up...you KNOW there's got to be a couple somewhere that when that song comes on they say "Honey, they're playing our song!"

* SandKing is 86/lesbian/arabic/320lbs/5'1"/likes pre-teen girls and s&m, msg me

<dzd> attention dzd> I HAVE A LARGE ERECTION RIGHT NOW

*** Merlin` (Fuckyou@stalker.toledolink.com) has joined
<Persence> Fuckyou@stalker.. hrm
<Merlin`> hi 13/f
<Persence> hi Merlin, I'm 53/m.. do you like older men?
*** Merlin` (Fuckyou@stalker.toledolink.com) has left

* DEATHpls shows Paige the goodness in him and pulls down his pants

<warday> i got those big titties all you guys like..

* crazy sports a chubby

* crazy takes his dentures out

<crazy> brb, finding my teeth

<crazy> "Oh, before you kick the bucket, think you could hike those legs up one last time?"

<crazy> "Hi, if you stand across the street, we could have sex"

<crazy> "Im cumming....*inflates lifeboat*"

* _Str|der_ is a 20/m almost 21/m who is upset cuz paige won't sleep wif him n e more cuz he snores, looking for a 17/f to replace her etc, msg me :) 6'0", buff, bidding starts at $200


<russbee@Enchanted> i couldnt fuck for 2 hours straight, well, maybe i could, but id have neosporin on my thingy for a week

* AcidKill sticks her penis between paige's buttocks :(

<dt-> wed screw till my dick fell off
<dt-> then wed get some scotch tape and go at it again

<MrMoose> Whoa! If the average vagina is 4-4.5 inches deep... I got dat shit filled up with my 4 inch snake!

<MrMoose> buldawg is now officially GAY! The fucker is arguing with me in queries about his penis size
<MrMoose> "I swear! it's 7inches!"
<MrMoose> <buldawg> I can prove it!!! I can come over to your house, you jack me off for a while, and I'll prove it's 7 inches!!!!

<Sifl^> damn fellaz.. get an enlargement if it's that bad
<MrMoose> Penis Enlargers don't work... believe me, I've tried

<Tim> and I shaved my nads =/

<MrMoose> Paige~~> If you came to me, dripping wet in baby oil. I -might- fuck you

<GrmpyBear> ugh, don't you hate it when you get sperm all over yer keyboard?
<GrmpyBear> i mean, that shit's slippery

<russ> I'm a poop eating mother fucker

* Paige dies
<Aurelius> * Paige dies <- *CHEER*
* Aurelius calls everyone, let's have a huge party!@#

<FLoodland> I don't know how to say this but
<FLoodland> paige.. your baby is bald
<FLoodland> do they come that way?
<FLoodland> like
<FLoodland> does hair cost extra
<FLoodland> does a penis cost more too?
<FLoodland> is that why there are more girls than boys
<FLoodland> cus girls are cheaper

<^^MARE> i need big penises from any guy big penis pics please

<Rilke> heh, that's a sideways compliment :)
<Rilke> of course, he was probably complimenting your vertical in order to get you horizontal

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