<Jordy> you know, if i go by the insults on paige's web page, i would believe she is a money grubbing overweigh hick who has sex with small children who has aweful taste in people she talks to

These are various insults I have recieved. Someone told me to save these, so here they are ;)

<Calamari> fucking bitch
<Calamari> your dumb
<Calamari> your fucked up

<morkeleb-> paige only gets laid when the dude has beer goggles

* |Cha_0s`| spits in Persence's face

<Pennywise> i think you should drink anyway
<Pennywise> maybe you'll die
<Pennywise> i wish you were dead
<Pennywise> and if it were legal to kill you, i'd do it
<Pennywise> and if you were closer
<Pennywise> it's not really worth the effort to get all the way over there

<dh> so fall off the world, you cheap ass ho.

<Addy> I'd like you to know one thing Paige
<Paige> yes?
<Addy> It's this simplistic childish helpless attitude that makes ppl talk to you like they do
<Addy> you always wonder, then go feeling bad about yourself
<Addy> grow up, show a little backbone.
<Addy> Maybe they will stop treating you like a whore.

<chris> FUCK YOU

<chris> uh die?
<chris> rot in hell?

<chris> DIE SLUT
<chris> ROT IN HELL

<TFreak> fine.
<TFreak> i hate you.
<TFreak> happy?
<TFreak> is that what you want to hear?
<TFreak> i
<TFreak> hate
<TFreak> you

<SenorPato> bitch
<Paige> thank you.
<SenorPato> fuck off.
<Paige> what's your problem?
<SenorPato> you, go away and it'll be solved
<Paige> oh
<SenorPato> juzt let me be, donut msgme anymore

<eXtreme^> die

<Paige> i thought you cared? isn't thata reason?
<fl> i lied

<eX3d> wow, you're useless, WHAT a surprise
<eX3d> and you're calling me pathetic
<eX3d> if you can't even finish school...
<eX3d> or get a job, even a shitty one..
<eX3d> oh wait
<eX3d> you're gonna marry young, live in a trailor, and irc all your life when jerry springer isn't on

<queue> j00 r suuuuch 4n 1rc0p wh0r3

<Jason> paige is ugly though

<neuronik> i'd treat you as a sex object paige, but i've already seen yer picture!!!

<mancow> hello
<mancow> u are a wh0ar

<jugh3ad> paige- i'll just slap the fat and ride the waves into your pussy

<Pennywise> paige: i want you dead

<PW> god only knows how many STDs sps got from her

<Merlin> I'm so drunk I think even youare hot

<russb> paige is yucky

<russb> paige reminds me of that group, 'the yeasty girls' or whatever

<in7> SPS and Paige ..... http://www.Sps'

*jon* i hope you get hit by a bus <[08:07](>
*jon* fucking retarded bitch, go suck sommor oper dick <[08:01](>

*ForLamp* I thought i got the last word? heh. you didn't fuck anything for attention.. just uh..anything that gives you attention, or something new to try... maybe mike'll offer anal or bondage... that should be fun eh? :) Tah tah miss mandera.

<redundant> DIE SLUT
<Paige> chris (cjp)?
<redundant> d1ng!@$
(edited slightly to remove his last name)

<Xenoslide> paige hasn't
<Xenoslide> shes a fat chick who sits around with 13" dildos

<lst> paige: ugly == a mirror in front of you :P

<psykotyk> you're not a sexie fugger
* psykotyk gives paige a hug
<psykotyk> it's okay to be ugly!

<eriq> Paige makes sparklez look skinny

<Psylocke> peasie and paige have no brains though

<syntax_> paige == sloppy pussy :(

<chris> die
<Paige> happy halloween to you too, sheesh
<chris> i hope a vampire sucks all your blood till u die
<Paige> well I hope you're day is equally wonderful

<art3mis_> wow paige
<art3mis_> you really are a slut
<TDF> I thought I made that point clear art
<TDF> she peddles her teenage ass all over
<TDF> she's prolly jenny from jennicam

<c|imax> paige is butt fucking ugly
<c|imax> stupid and fat
<silph> yeah she is
<c|imax> I wouldn't shag her if mylife depended on it
<silph> im glad i dont look like paige

<cdoug> why dont ya say that to roseanne barr cli?
<c|imax> roseanne isn't half as dirty as stupid Paige

<c|imax> Paige, I hate you forever.
<c|imax> you're the opposite of every girl I've ever dreamed of

<chris> u should go find a coathanger. children raised as trailertrash never amount to anything.
<Paige> well thank you for your opinion
<Paige> it's nice to know you're concerned about the wellbeing of my child
<chris> hm
<chris> were you raped again?
<chris> no wiat, you'll submit willingly to anything

<chris> hey, on the positive side, you've gotta be so close the baby will just be sliding out. kinda like riding crocodile mile. wooooosh.
<chris> s/close/loose

<chris> paige is pregnant, and wants all of you to submit the names of all men in your family to the "name the father" raffle.
<chris> the big question
<chris> is why are you all in here?
<chris> there's no point in kissing her ass anymore
<chris> she's already been bnanged up
<chris> hopefully raped again, but she wont spill

A log of Chris (cjp) and my Mom talking - 12/16/98

<synt4x> paige is a fat bitch.

<motel6> she's gotta go search for the father of her baby

<TDF> do you know who the father is?
<Paige> tdf: gee, no, i guess i forget
<TDF> paige: not that surprised, some things never change.

<Pennywise> i hope she dies in labor
<Pennywise> if only i could arrange such things

<Pennywise> shut up you dumb whore

<Electron> - The 10000th simultaneous client wins a datewith Paige.
<Electron> 10,000 eh
<Electron> Email to
<Electron> Shouldn't that be :
<Electron> - The 10000th simultaneous client fathers Paige's next kid.
<Electron> ?
<Electron> hehe
<Electron> -Jason
<Electron> Electron@#teen


[12:51am] <matryx> you dump one packet kid and move onto the next are completely worthless ..and then on the side you lead on people like humble and jon2 ..tramp.

[12:57am] <matryx> you are fucking WORTHLESS

[01:04am] <matryx> you are worthless..we both know this..why don't you come to terms with it?

[01:10am] <matryx> trailre trash
[01:10am] <matryx> trailer...
[01:10am] <matryx> you manipulate guys so you don't feel worthless
[01:11am] <matryx> we all know whats up paige..even you

[02:24am] <matryx> well i hope the next guy who gets involved with you
[02:24am] <matryx> realizes what you are
[02:24am] <Paige> uh huh
[02:24am] <matryx> but i guess thats kind of hard..when the guys you go after are almost as pathetic as you

[06:09pm] <matrix> and
[06:09pm] <matrix> what about bladex
[06:09pm] <matrix> ?
[06:09pm] <matrix> and shdwknght
[06:09pm] <Paige> what about them?
[06:09pm] <matrix> and jon2?
[06:09pm] <matrix> they all seem to take an active interest in you
[06:10pm] <Paige> they're friends, well, 'cept for bladex, he doesn't want much to do with me :)
[06:10pm] <matrix> yah lifes a bitch

*hmblhrmm* you are too stuck on getting your own way like a child throwing a temper tantrum to listen to anyone who might care about you <Sun Nov 28 21:54>
*hmblhrmm* you are such a child paige <Sun Nov 28 21:57>
*hmblhrmm* you really are <Sun Nov 28 21:57>
*hmblhrmm* and I don't like the people who claim to be my friend treating me like shit because they are having a temper tantrum <Sun Nov 28 22:00>
*hmblhrmm* but you need to grow up <Sun Nov 28 22:01>


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