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Session Start: Tue May 27 15:04:02 1997
<pearlpoet> Into phone sex, by any chance?
Session Start: Fri Jun 27 16:30:56 1997
<Pearlpoet> Into hot wet phone sex?
(this is what you call a typical irc netsex freak... =)

<anitrate> how can i tell if i have a yeast infection?

<[CoDy]> hey...want to call me and listen to me jerk off? =)

<spsycho> last time i tried to netsex i got my manhood tangled in the keyboard cord

<Paige-> kiss my ass
<spsycho> can i use some toungue action too? :)
<Paige-> ewewew
<spsycho> that was pretty sick ;)
<spsycho> im almost ashamed

<sps> we need to netsex
* sps sticks his winky in your thingy

<eXtreme-> I still care for you deeply.. dont be mad.. I...love you baby
(This is eXtreme- and his most pathetic attempts in trying to annoy me.. :)

<star81> do you like whores?

<jordan> let's play construction; i'll slip you a hot rivet while you tighten my nuts ;[

<JL> i'm not wearing any underwear

<Stallion_> i believe in miracles, where you from you sexy thing?

<Kanan> Oh no, please don't tell me you walk around and stick your butt up in the air and meow loudly!
<Kanan> That would make it really difficult for guys to go on dates with you!

<mrplastik> aND i spANK iT aLOT

<cfatigue> i'm da man
<cfatigue> you try to get in my panties when i;'m drunk

<silicate> you have some nice porn pics.

* Dolz finds your teddy and puts it on

<lewd> guess i should have zipped my ass first

<RiDLo> Never met a netsecksoring horse I didn't like.

<Flooble> hi i'm looking for picutres of women who look like they live in Iran please, with tea towles and all /msg Flooble if you have some

<art3mis> but paige i love you....well not really but in saying it im supposed to win over your heart and have you be my slave

<eXtremey> ungah bungha, me caveman, you dinner

<redundant> <- !mature
Yes, Chris (cjp) admits it! =)

<rf> you need a bf :) go buy one from somewhere :)

<Resquer> how long in internet
<Resquer> i have been on 2 wks
<Resquer> i have never had so many gay guys hit on me, its ridiculous

* _cls_ likes to make pussy purrrr
<_cls_> errr
<_cls_> paige ;p

* JasonD beats himself with his toy trout

<srpato> eye yam typing with my penis

<_nyt> I hear you have sexual relations with onion rings

<port> just cause my penis is small doesnt mean you have to refuse :(
<port> maybe i need a penis pumper

<Xney3> yeah, I don't "tweak" things, I beat them

* morkeleb likes std

<Paige> do you have *any* clue
<Paige> how gross and sticky that stuff is?
<humble> I just swallow it, thanks =)

<humble> I will never relay anything you've said to anyone else no matter how unimportant without asking first

<jesse_> the army called me earlier
<jesse_> and I was like 'I'm gay, go away.'
<jesse_> and he hung up

<sooz> paige?
<sooz> paige?
<sooz> paige?
<sooz> paige?
<Paige> sooz? :p

[S+Z] Jon2 (jon@puffer.quadrunner.com) invites you to channel #analsex

=lewlew= alrighty im gonna lay my ass in bed and think of large tyrone jr's running around after jedi


*humble* its pretty damn hard :P (humble@puffer.quadrunner.com) [02:19]


*ztunzd* have I ever told you how many times I just wanted to paint your toe nails? (lewlew@ambient.exit109.com) [14:03]


humble(humble@puffer.quadrunner.com)] and my mom is coming down tonight to help me packet and stuff


<cls> Webster: Stalker: a) one who stalks, b) humble


<humble-> just finished packeting


*rc* i would like to make a formal request to continue working. <Tue Apr 11 09:13>
*rc* if it please madam, i shall retire to those duties now. <Tue Apr 11 09:13>
*> rc bows

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