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I've collect quotes from various channels that I stop in. All quotes are from EFnet, unless otherwise stated. If you have a problem with a quote of yours, Email me and I will remove it. Thank you =)

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#depression (*wink*)

<machine4u> hey folks: question. If after the rent, car payment, and car insurance are paid, is $150 per week in spending cash decent for a single bachelor who will stay single forever?
<AmandaCat> no machine
<AmandaCat> a good hooker is at least $250/night

<Paige-> we're all whores trying to have a huge orgy and yer interrupting

* AcidKill cums in her jeans, forgetting her manners in the initial excitement

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<blk_jack> I already bent over
<blk_jack> I've had enough anal for one day
<blk_jack> my ass can't take it

<TGuardian> i thought i could use a vacuum to have sex with..

<blk_jack> my penis was caught in my cast when it was made
<blk_jack> now my penis is stretched out, and I can't yank it free
<blk_jack> and if I piss in the cast, it'll .. well... it won't be good

<mESSIAH__> aCk- ; you show her that kickstart vibrator?
<aCk-> mess: I'm saving that for her birthday.

*** C6 has quit IRC (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by mom))

<z3rohour> I hate jizzing on the wall in the shower.
<z3rohour> It doesnt run down, it just stays there, like its glue.
<cmang> it comes off in thick clumps
<z3rohour> I like to press my ass cheeks up againist the door.
<z3rohour> It feels nice.
<cmang> I've never tried that.
<z3rohour> cmang.. try it.

<meatpod> someone voice me
<meatpod> I wanna talk dirty

<meatpod> hey paige, you wanna have phone sex? I'll say dirty things about your liver
<meatpod> ooh, the way your organs filter out solid waste really gives me a stiffy
<meatpod> can I touch your gall bladder?

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*** remorse changes topic to "put your lips on muh dick and suck my asshole through"

<cmang> bay; word, people used to tell me I was like a velcro condum

<retributn> paige- i'm a whole ... 3 inches right now

<zerosouls> fine, paige you can have ret, he's a lousy fuck anyways

<toxix> YOU SENT ME A DICK!@2

* prncess speaks out "i've phone sexor'd amanda before, she isn't all that good :P

<rw1> I can't do that.. I am such a hunt and pecker

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<Ice_Nine:#unix> The ultimate valentine's day gift. Show her you care. Give her a big plastic dick.

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<Dolz> I Have two peniseseses

<mrr> Paige: whadya look like irl? i still don't know. :P
<Paige> mrr: 400 lbs, 4'2", black greasy hair, and um.. fangs
<mrr> Paige: cool, you look like my girlfriend.

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<waugette> Pamala Lee is a skank
<waugette> Barbie dolls have less silicon

<Norbule> kill me k-line me cum all over me

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<Tania> hmm.. i need a penis

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#oper-sex on habitnet

<debaser> i need help. i put my dick in my floppy drive, and its stuck there and i can't get it out.

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<syntax_> i'd do paige :[
<syntax_> hintquotehint

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<axis> if i was a guy i'd do paige


<yblood> not even the UNIX handbook can stop my super peepee!

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* piker puts on a suit.


><krzee> paige: good girls give the best head :]

<piker> if you're horny and you know it, netsex paige
<piker> if you're horny and you know it, netsex paige
<piker> if you're horny and you know it then your boner wil lsurely show it
<piker> if you're horny and you know it, netsex paige

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<|Weaze|> Fjoder: Why are u a IRCop then?
<Fj-QUAKE> to get laid what you think

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<TReznor`> well, two dicks is one too many for me :)

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#metallica on webmaster

<cerealkiller> you just like to be an operwhore

<Kristy> inlargen my penis

<|Jago|> i dont care who it is as long as its female with long hair and breathing heheh

<T1> i'm whacking off

* LoDeR rubs his cocks

<DeMoNx> im going to annex my penis with electrolux hose

<cerealkiller> i'll do your pic anyway

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*** _bc_ (warezinsid@ has joined #us-opers
<_bc_> anyone a IRC op?

<missnglnk> instead of "gah gah goo" its gonna be "quote kline mommy"

<missnglnk> CARRIE

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* syx fucks paige's liver

<amandaj> im about to pee on myself
<amandaj> i can feel is running down my legs
<amandaj> its warm

<amandaj> now shes suckin on my jeans

<amandaj> well im not gonna poop you out

* amandaj fingd herself rubbing herself when she thinks about it

<sulphy> 19/hermaphrodite
<sulphy> my clit is enlarged enough to resemble a penis!

<etrigan> fat girls give good head cuz they know it may be the last dick they'll ever see

<amandaj> im naked
<amandaj> im so fucko horny

<Paige> if fat girls give good head
<Paige> does that mean that if i gain like 400 lbs i'll automatically give really good head? ;p
<Xenoslide> by that time
<Xenoslide> you'll have lots of practice with putting stuff in your mouth

<|T-a-Z|> DeoS eny 1 her have the backdoor prog.
<imfee> taz, analentrence.c
<|T-a-Z|> ya do u have iT

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<lewd> i never knew my ass was so hairy

<comstud> you'll make me rise FAST, Paige.

<lewd> ok, now i got your pussy bookmarked

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<[m1]> if paige is dead, can i have her pc? :D

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<AtmaWeapn> anime owns.. paige, dress up like sailor venus and come sit on my penis :P

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<KoW> i remember paige
<KoW> she's the one who had all the guys all over her in other channels
<KoW> like #ninjachat and shit

<fnord_> girls have a boy, penises have a vagina

* fnord_ walks around naked
* fnord_ shows off his featureless crotch

* fnord_ starts an ass ramming session with sierra
* Istrain shits on jeff's pecker

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<Kasie> its sticky Mom

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<ytiddo> i just cant date within my state. no computer geek females in the area. :P

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<BlKforGE> my computer can suck my big cock
<Paige> you're computer does that?
<Paige> i know a lot of guys who'd be willing to pay lots of money for it!

<Saccharin> I havent masturbated in a few weeks :P

<ShdwKngh-> and he bit my ass
<ShdwKngh-> ripped my pants off
<ShdwKngh-> spread my buttcheeks open
<ShdwKngh-> and stuck it in me
<ShdwKngh-> it was soo big
<ShdwKngh-> i got strechmarks on my asshole
<ShdwKngh-> it hurt soo bad
<ShdwKngh-> he stuck it all the way in my butthole
<ShdwKngh-> it musta been 8 inches round
<ShdwKngh-> my butthole is 3 inches in diameter

* clops- takes cls hard throbbing cock into his mouth

* zayten slowly slides of his panties

<zayten> paige: cuz i like wearing girls clothing

<budweiser> i'm a fatass bitch with a small penis who rapes poor inocent animals

<kitty-> i don't know how to unfuck

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<NudeMonk> well, if you fuck her like you do everyone else, you better use duct tape and shut that damn door, cause I can't sleep with all that noise like last time

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<CLoPss> my mom licks my penis

<CLoPss> did i tell you my dog can fit its tongue in my anal crevice and it makes me hard

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<Gekko> <rf> please see paige 69 for more info

<R0y> I would fuck a female horse,but their pubic muscles can crush a human arm

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<Paige> sex is bad =/
<zayten> if its with a girl/guy/animal you love lots then its ok

* Bootable fondles the bots that look most like a female.

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#dfnet on dfnet

<bass> my ass is still bleeding from monday :/

* HmblClaus uses rogaine on his testicles to get that extra-hairy look =)
<HmblClaus> better then getting a testicular hair transplant =)
<HmblClaus> hrmmm that would be interesting, I wonder if some bald dude ever did that =)

* optima calls 911... <oper> hello, 911 <optima> yes, i want to report a suicidal person on irc <oper> nickname please <optima> vore <oper> we are sending our irc cops after him <optima> *phew*

<bass> anyone have a dildo i can borrow?

<mr_bill> rageboy: masturbate with sandy vaseline while listening to "Barney's greatest hits" at high volume, with a toilet plunger up your ass?
<mr_bill> for added fun, get the $19.95 "Electro-vibro anal enhancer"

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<mrplastik> YourShdw, that's a mighty nice penis.

<humble> least shdw would be good in bed

* shiloh scrunches her nose up and cocks her head to the side ...
<frash> what is this about scrunching a cock up and a sideways head ?

<humble> you better not be making fun of Paige's penis... I've seen it, its very nice

* ShdwKngh- needs a big pipe routed into his ass

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<lewd> i would think she would.. but she won't if i'm so drunk i blow my load practically from taking my pants off

<lewd> i get limp if a girl's cat watches us fucking

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<Hardguy21> Oh baby...my right hand has such a tight grip around my rock hard 8 inch cock. I have been stroking it for what seems like the past 2 hours...ohhh it's so damn hard...I can feel my hot semen slowly working it's way from my big balls to the head of my throbbing hard on. I cant take much more of this, baby. Please help me out...I am tired of jacking my 8 inch cock off...i need to relieve the pressure and tension...I need you to swallow my 8" cock and

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<w6rbux^^> when you get foreign objects stuck in your sex organs
<w6rbux^^> you get sent to doctors

ùíù SignOff positive: #stupid (Confucius say: Put Rooster in Freezer Get A Stiff Cock.)

* jess has returned.. damnit ekay you made my nuts itch ..[gone/9h 8m 57s]

<ekay> do you know whut its like to have a throbing cock?

<jess> if you have too many babies, your breasts will sag and I don't like saggy boobies :(

* jess makes her penis dance

<idie2> i beat her ass godd she sucked my dick and made me dinner

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<Tskk> blood - he's an oper. we have privileges you don't have.

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<Chaoslord> the only use i have for my dick is aiming when i pee
<gomez> hey, at least you can aim!
<Chaoslord> yeah its nice to be able to aim and pee when standing
<gomez> <- has bad aim
<gomez> im like one of those water toys you put on your lawn for kids

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<Joshua> I'll marry you if you name your next baby "groin"

<Ali_Baba> jess: you're confused. a drill is for making holes, and a vibrator is for putting in holes.

<Jon2> jesse
<Jon2> i'm ready now
jesse_/#sesame_street looks down and coughs
<jesse_> I couldn't tell.

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