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#warez quotes

* MrDev has more fun bonking paige
<Paige> woo :D
<Paige> ;p
* MrDev stops and thinks
* MrDev unlocks the bedroom
* MrDev checks for little dev/paigeling
<Paige> hehehe
* MrDev runs in and grabs paige

* Jordy jumps up and down
* Jordy pants
* Jordy plays dead
* Jordy rolls over

<asudem> Pretty Sammy!
<Paige> asu :)
<SamF> hey asu
<asudem> Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
<SamF> asu: Im getting a JVC nuff said
*** asudem was kicked by SamF (pretty foot in your pretty face)

<SamF> jimmie: gag me with a modem
<jimmie> no modems :)
<SamF> hang me with a t3
<jimmie> t3's ya :)
<SamF> slap me around with that router of yours

### Psyber converts paige's vibrator from .5 milliamps to 200 amps
### Paige is gone (07:19PM): brb.. *bzzzz*

<Peasley> jordy doesnt strike me as the type of guy who will ever get laid *Grin*

<Paige> zed: dew I skare yew?
<ZED> Paige only when you look at me

* cfatigue is away. FUCK ME IN THE EYE W/ A SCREWDRIVER [sz on]

<anitrate> i can't get anything..even my own hand won't put out

<Zakna> should i go get laid.. or sit here and wank

<iCePiK> I'll do it for 2, and wipe the cum stains up as well.

*** Paige- changes topic to "If your horny and you know it, use your hand!%$#"
* ZED runs to the bedroom
<DarkZead> WANK WANK

<novalogic> hrm, hold on, need to get my other boot off
<novalogic> shit
<novalogic> wrong channel

<path> immortal licked balls for O line

<WNoise> Damn i am SUCH a DICK
* WNoise pulls a condom over his head

<Pennywise> 10/female/prostitution

<cfatigue> anything with sps involved naked is bad bad thoughts

<immort> sps has taken so much anal I suspect your foot would get stuck if you kicked it, paige

* sps unfs paige doggy style and waits for her to bark

<Paige-> you're a whore sps?!
<sps> yes

<Cres> i gawt hair on muh nut sac =]
<Cres> i shave muh nose hairs
<Cres> and glue them on muh nut sac
<Cres> so i can brag

<N_R_K> someone email me some sudafed so I can OD on it

<Paige> cfat: can i fuck with you? ;p
<AtmaWeapn> paige: only if I can fuck with you
<clavo> paige, what about me?? :)
<Paige> sounds like a big orgy to me..

* Peasie starts to nibble on little sps
<sps> hey i may have a little dick but you cant nibble on it!

<DrmWEaver> My balls are hangin weird today
<jimmie> phil's been letting the dog suck him again :)

* Zig dips the wick

* eXtreme- kicks that bimbo pease off the channel.. now paige is ONLy woman.

<Paige> you're passing around an *IRC* bong
<Paige> that's really really 'leet'

* N_R_K tries to bottle Paiges sekziness and markets it... It make Paige the honorary #warez babe, it can work wonders for u too!

<mrr> alot of people are so horny they'd fuck a life saver
<Paige> doh that'd be one small dick

* Paige pets TCB
* TCB wags his tali
<Paige> lol

*** clavo changes topic to 'having V. day with Rosie Palm? '

* eXtreme7 puts on his lipstick
* eXtreme7 puckers
* eXtreme7 gets on his knees

* frashalso notes the only Palmala action he gets is Rosey Palmela and her five rosey sisters

<jimmie> i need some ky and a sheep

* Doxx licks up frashalso's pee

* jimmie goes outside to masturbate on his car

* frash sticks his bum in the air
<frash> i get horny

<Doxx> I hear everyone talking about unix.. is it like.. a new type of sun glasses or something?

* ZED pees on Paige
* spsycho licks zed's pee off paige

<clavo> paige has a massive claw that she can use to crush male genetalia.

<mrzigzag> fridays i wear G String and a tanktop.. and prance around ;)

<clavo> i wish skirts were socially acceptable for guys....kuz they are sooo fuckin comfortable.

<Sputnik> Mmmmmm... ass dildo

<Stimpee2> damnit paige, you will find my deformed body attractive, I just have to get you drunk :)

<desys-> i'm a fag

<SeaT-eve> hrmmm there's a hand in my pants and it's not mine
<SeaT-eve> bbl

<immortal> my penis is cute
<immortal> do you want to suck it?

<clavo> oral sex on a guy is easier tho.......

<Lifendel> sometimes i use my left hand and close my eyes to make it feel like someone else..

* zig sucked my way to the top

* zig is 19/F/Boston able to lick on short notice. tight/trim figure. looks good in a mini.

* eXtreme- is pretty

<Stumble> like when I dropped a keyboard on her head when she was giving me head to try and get me off irc

<clavo> you can see me nude at if you dont see anything right away don't be surprised....it's just my nutz pressed up over the cam lens.

<vortexia> I dont understand how woman can pose nood for a million people, I mean thats just sick, if I were female I sure as hell wouldnt want a million guys I never met jizzing at my pictures

<anitrate> unnnh.. oh god, I'M GONNA CUM!@!#@!

<Lamer-> Paige: my dear I am married and if I drove all that way there would be anal lube and bowed legs involved...

<JLsubZ> im getting THUG LIFE plastered across my scrotum

<eXtreme-> I use my time in bed to touch myself

* art3mis is away. (watching Cartoons and fondling myself) [SZon]

<clavo> they say rubbing alchohol makes you go blind......i can still sorta see

<clavo> i went out on an IRC date once..... she had 1 boob....in the middle of her head......a hairy chin......2 teeth......and a clown noce.

<Psyber> there's just something about licking the urine off of some drunk chick's unwhiped meat curtains that turns me on.

* PW removes his buttplug for immortal
* immortal licks the shit off the buttplug

<Stimpee--> I just bought a Penis Pump... But it is not to enogorge my penis full of blood... it is positive pressure so my penis shrinks... It is too big

<Psyb> getting a dung/semen mixture caked in the tip of your penis while fucking a chick's 5 hole rocks!!!!

<Clussy> hey it was my fucking kid, so i can fuck it if i want... =)

<novalogic> stumble; dude, when you live in Arkansaw like i have, you learn, the 10 year olds dont get preggie, go for them

<STimpee--> Plugh yeah :) I eat them... keyboard condoms...ummmmmm

<Jordy> pam anderson buys more silicon than a number of small countries

<MrLot> a sexual hug to jughead is when he pops a chubby and jizzes himself

<Revelate_> jug - my bunghole has hinged spikes like a parking garage.. DON'T BACK UP

* Plugh mounts clusters and dry humps him
* STimpee-- rubs his penis frantically around the carpet where clussy and Plugh stand

<STimpee--> Clussy send me Lesbian Child Fisting Lingerie Full-Penetration Anal Porn

<madbomber> there is only one thing that enlarges my penis
<madbomber> and thats boobz

<Psybre> i'll fuck you AND yoh fisheating friends cyanb.

<ShadowImg> if I hit on Paige will I no longer be a fag?

<N_R_K> I'm just not pumped up to do it

<Zakna> IM surrounded by HETEROS!!!!!!
<Zakna> RUN
<Zakna> RUN
<Zakna> RUN

<vortexia> they say the people who talk about homosexuality most generally have homosexual tendancies
<Zakna> oh but i dew :o

<clavo> i got some pics of my penis....just for you tcb. merry xmas

<TDF> Fat chicks are like mopeds, they're fun to ride until yer friends catch you.

<iCePiK> I have dreams of my g/fs pussy engulfin my head and sucking my brains out

<bandBLiSS> hey if you guys fuck me over one more time...i am going to tell everyone on irc every persons nick in this room.

* PW takes his hands outta his pants

<zig> i get extremly exicited when pdm releases

<Psyber> i've lick a HELL of alot in my snatch in my life

<stimpee--> she's just my release when I come in here
<DragonM> It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't keep getting your release all over everything, Stimpee.

* DragonM really enjoys being married to a computer.
<Nomad_> Why do you think DM instists on a 3.5" floppy drive?

<a123b> wtf is #warez invite only? You guys are really gay. The whole point of warez is for it to be free. Free so EVERYONE can get in on it. Then ASSHOLES like yourselves come and take the warez channels... hope you fucking dog cunt licking pregnant mouse blowing pricks are happy.

<ShadowImg> what do you say to a women with no breasts?
<in7> what ?
<ShadowImg> nothing

<Jordy> and the little hole in the middle gets filled with it

<dc-> you want head from a guy?
<Efudd> I give a crap who's sucking my dick :)


<DragonM2> I managed to get the ball stuck between her plump little thighs.

<in7> paige is 15, she smokes ... and has 10 bf's .... dont let her fool you

<Psyber> faked a couple orgasms with an exgf just so i could get off the bitch and go to sleep :)

<Studbolt> once I ate my neighbor's shit

<Sigmund> well...i once almost shot muself in the eye when this bitch was jerking me off and aimed my penis up when i blew my load.

<smaf> do I masturbate?
<smaf> at lesast 50 times a day, with a cheesegrater

<[eq]> its come to my attention as of late that most girls who say they are a "good girl" are usually just an microinch away from be all out nasty :)

<Cybr_Bich> never have anal sex with a chick with a full bowel.

<eteach> heh...my secretary went to a gynecological exam the other day and I asked her if they ever found what caused that smell.. :P

<stimpee--> Paige, you never seen my shaven scrotum hang on the trigger guard of a newly polished bench rest rifle

<art3mis> doxx, would you rather have a dentrist be putting his bare hands in yer mouth or a latex wrapped penis?

<Psyber> i have nightmares that i'm like a bisexual drag queen dyke who dresses like a man and likes it when zig one fucks her tits and blows his load all over her belly.
<Psyber> although i do remember dreaming that having my 36D tits fucked and him blowwing on my stomach was a 100% way of making sure of no more little zig1's running around

<in7> I need an Internet Girlfriend ... one I could take out to a Web site sometime .... go shopping with online ... and Netsex once in awhile

<in7> my idea relastionship is to have someone like, paige in an abusive type relastionship .... come home drunk ... beat her, make her get me beers while I IRC

<jughead> i'm having trouble navigating my penis in my hands

<ShadowImg> Paige: well just think of how many people in #warez have tried to get to where that kid is, no wonder it's not coming out :P

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