<seekay> i was reading your quote page last night
    <Paige> yeah?
    <seekay> you know alot of people with huge cocks
    <seekay> i wish i could get 2"

Welcome to my quotes pages. I've collected some random quotes from people I know from IRC. I try to make sure it's okay to use quotes, but if you do have a problem with a quote I've collected that *you* said, Email me and I will do my best to remove it for you. Otherwise, I've collected quite a few quotes from channels I join, mostly are perverted, so that's a warning to people who might be offended. Anyhow...

It seems that recently I have decided that due to having so many quotes, I am splitting up my quotes page... so just follow the links to read the different kinds of quotes.. =)

Someone recently suggested that I start adding dates of the specific quotes.. While I haven't really thought of it much while actually collecting, I can at least attempt to do that, so you might see some of the newer quotes being dated. Who knows, we'll see.. I don't collect quotes too often anymore anyway. *Shrug* :) Bye :)

!sedriss! OPERWALL - <Paige> i play with mty penis, my penis is large

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