#warez-paige quotes

<Sellers> ummm your dewing the nasty.. *hands you a towel and covers his eyes*

<chris> i wanna be a follower.

<mriswith> im a sweetie all the time what are you talking about?

<mriswith> i need an orgasm :P

<Paige-> what is this?
<Paige-> gang up on paige day?
<jimmie> gang bang paige day?

<eXtreme> I don't netsex0rz..so don't anyone ask.. it's EVIL!!! (I'm a good boy)

<manny> So what so what, I jackoff till i bleed so what, so fucking what

<skye> i'm the girl with a dick

<Blaxthos> why the hell are we discussing my penis

<|Joey|> 00oo0o0 I like it when you do that to me!
<|Joey|> oops.. wrong window

<DragonM> Flightly brunnettes and ditzy blondes. MmmmmMMmmMMmmmmm
<Cluey> sounds like a bad pr0n0 to me

* warday glares at his right hand, "now who really need a girl when you have one of these?"

<mrplastik> oh no, wrong channel

<Dertx> FUCK ME LIKE YEW DID LAST NIGHT!@#$!@#$!@#$@!#!@

<TKind> sps, like me, is a pussy man

<Paige> emmihunnieloverseckz0rdarlingdearestofminethatilovetolickjustsoandflickmytonguetomakehermoan ;)
<AcidKill> paigesweetluffmuffindarlingdearestpunkinpieseckzygawdessthatilofftewworshipanddrewlallovahandlicktilshefeelsallniceandtinglyandstuffimissedyewso!#%#!@%!#%

<|Joey|> Ouch... My anus is bruised
<|Joey|> Someone massage my bruised anus?
* Zodiac163 give joey a anus patch
* |Joey| ride, er, sits on his inflatable horse anus cushin

<AcidKill> ./invite empty #hot_sweaty_lesbian_clit_licking
<AcidKill> ewps :(

* AcidKill gets cold from eating her popsicle and attempts to warm them in paige

* AcidKill feels the urge to go whack her peepee til it gets all big and sore

<Paige> how long casey?
<zodiac164> about 9 inches

<kraig> i like to cut off my nipples and eat them

<kraig> does your shit have it's own taste? or is it the same as what you ate? mine tastes like corn.

<kraig> paige, i'm going to shove my dick in your eyesockets and fill your eyes with the white piss

<kraig> zodiac, i got jailed for rapin my mother, that bitch
<zodiac164> see how she is
<zodiac164> she should of have takein it like a man

<kraig> zodiac, i like to see naked 90 year olds
<lu0k> i like to molest little boys
<AcidKill> i like to anally violate my younger brother

<lu0k> sps, i like to shave my pubic hair

<lu0k> paige, you should know that I have windshield wipers on my monitor so I can wipe off my jizz after I see those naked men.

*** lu0k changes topic to "I am a fetus! Abort me! Abort me!"

*** iNSANiTY2 changes topic to "Paige is like megaman except she has Infinite Orgasm Powers"

* cfatigue is away. fuck me in the ear w/ a st1ckb4wl stick [T]

<eliz> i need seckz
<eliz> real seckz
<eliz> and lots of it

<eliz> need a bf
<s0ggy> eliz: i'm available for a low entry fee of 25$, and 45$ a month after

<iNSANiTY2> I don't know what kinda stores you got
<iNSANiTY2> but we don't have no pickup stores
<s0ggy> insanity: 'dildo land'
<iNSANiTY2> I personally prefer broomsticks..
<s0ggy> insanity: their motto: over a mile of dildos!
<s0ggy> insanity: if you went, i doubt you would prefer broomsticks for long

<Dolz> yeah.. my pussy hurts *nsiff*

* |Joey| puts on his Marv Albert wig, a cute little pink lace bra and matching panties, and black fishnet stockings. Then jumps on LaME and bites their back with all his Marv lovin' "YESSSSS!"

* |Joey| fondles Tim's b00bies

<Flyers420> Does anyone have that virtual girlfriend software? IM Me...

<mrplastik:#warez-paige> Paige-, oral sex never hurts.

<Dolz> I'm horny
* Dolz screws his desk

<PrInCeSsX> fear my big dick :D

<syntax> 10 dollars says everyone that just went away is masturbating to paige in the shower ;p

<syntax> if women really knew how guys thought of them they'd never stop slapping us

<Miss_Tx> anyone know where i can get cosmopolitan virtual makeover

<Norbule> bored? try our new extra long super vibrator! only $12.95!
<Norbule> while supplies last

* |Joey| breaks out the Super Vibe 3001, modified with a Small Block Chevy Engine

<syntax_> i seen way too much pussy today :[

* syntax_ shakes his... "head"

<Paige> because people would puke if i went around naked =)
<syntax_> paige: i would puke but out of a different whole :[

<syntax_> ever gotten jizz in your eye?
<syntax_> it stings =[

<Dolz> whoa that looks like my schlonger

<Dolz> of course you can you can go wack it then it goes away
<Dolz> or if I was with you i could just say "HEY PAIGE I'M STIFF *WINK WINK*"

<lot> cyberdoug, i'll give you head

<cmang> you have no idea how horny I am, even though I just jerked off to some shit on hbo not long ago and thcan't get chard
<cmang> Ijerkrekd off 3 times in the past 2 hours
<cmang> cause Itawas tlaking to paige

<GrymReepr> i like 12 yr olds with big breastestsssss

<jlsubz> i can only handle one woman :)
<jlsubz> i'm not enuff man

<AcidKill> I'm piercing my tongue so i can give my pets oral pleasures :(

*** jedilord has quit IRC (getting off)

<insane> Paige: rub me i'm horny =/

*** EvilAdam changes topic to 'My balls bounce higher than Pamela's Fake boobies.'

* AcidKill quickly stuffs her dick back in her pants.

<sps-why> thongs hurt
<sps-why> i have 1 nut hanging out each side

<_Billy_> [4:23] <BugLrd> you wanna be an oper dildo? thats the only "oper toy" position open. =(
<_Billy_> HAHAHAHA
<insane_> Paige you should be an oper so you can get one of those

<_LivEvil_> paige are yew in heat :>

<Yankee> no douche, but I could go for a coke enema
<Yankee> that'd be all fizzy and shit
<Kanan> well, a coke enema would result in fizzy shit alright

* |Joey| fondle's Tim's boobs for old time's sake.

<SCARLETT-> and i was just like "daddy i cant, I'm too small"

<r3pr3zent> now i need to get laid
* r3pr3zent lets his gerbil out
<r3pr3zent> the gerbil is happy

* r3pr3zent is away: Jacking off for paige. *m0an*

<zig> my balls ARE turning yellow!
<zig> when do they start to shrink?
* zig jiggles the wigglie while he waits for his balls to shrink

<digidog> im sunburned on my penis now..
<digidog> paigey, you've never been sunburned on your penis?

* Ski4Ever is away: washing my cheetos covered hands
<Paige> cheetos? now that's the weirdest lubricant i have yet to hear matt

* Dolz offers paige a lap =]
* beaker jumps on dolz
<beaker> oooo lumpy

<warday> coughbullshitifpaigeisinnocenttheniamnamedwilberthegimpnarf

<datathief> i jackoff to my pics 24/7
<datathief> hell im doin it right now
<datathief> spanqsqweakjizz

<jadedboi> paige: well did you know i like to walk around outside naked alot?

<jadedboi> hey..if you close your eyes a guys tongue feels just like a womans...heh

<warday> i hate being a minour diety, the grrlies always wanna touch my pee-pee

<JLsubZ> asy how big is yours?

<syntax_> i have a 7 mile penis :[
<syntax_> right now my girl friend is sucking me off in the next city

<pX> paige sounds sexy on the phone.. i'd hump her voicebox if i could.

<dt-> paige- say you met me in AA and we had mad funky sex convered in whiskey and sloshed off our asses

<|Joey|> eralox: I brought the sheep and the KY, did you bring the clippers?

<datathief> hrrm like a woman covered in barbaque sauce would be neet

<Dolz> "pardon me mrs clitoris but could you point me to the egg?"


<datathief> why did i never lick chumbawumba

<syntax_> i have sexual fantasies about the FreeBSD devil :[

<brian2> mmm, cuntola

<kang> pPaige Told ME YOU couldn't get HArd if yew stiuck yer dick in a FREEZER
<kang> aNd yer Dick is so msall yew piss on her NUTS

<Dolz> I did that lady, I just buttered one of her rolls and slipped my cock in, I mean it wasn't even her twat but DAMN was it tight

<holey> nh i hear you'll have sex with anyone with a pulse
<nh-> pfft, doesn't need a pulse

* Dolz finds annie's clothes and dresses himself up

<warday> odd, the moment i stop playing with one thing, irc calls me back

<warday> all this talk about penis..
<warday> i feel like a piece of meat, brb

<|Joey|> hrm. you know you're bored when you make a cigg water bong out of an allsport bottle (claw grip, bebbe) and a straw

*** stikybun has quit IRC (When you are King for the day, you are A whore for a week...)

* sockie pokes electron with his strap on

<mUrray> must entertain paige
* mUrray puts on his snowpants
* mUrray starts rubbing a pork chop all over his hairy chest

<gomez> the world would be much better if women ruled

<silph> men fucking suck my dick

<alive> paige, wanna get jiggy?
<Paige> haha i don't have time ;)
<alive> im a guy
<alive> itd be quick

<aCk-> I have yet to date anyone from IRC. I'm afraid they'll try to kill themselves at Paige's house.

* |Joey| gets off all the women on digi

<JasonD> but I don't WANT to have sex with myself, right hand

* |Joey| bends over and slathers his ass with crisco
<|Joey|> you got FIVE minutes

<Jon2> you know how much i liked small penises and hairless scrotums

<|Joey|> JasonD: I gave you crisco, my ass, and 5 minutes. and yet you still bitch. bitch bitch bitch. it's all about you. what about me? huh? what about MY needs? you never reach around. NEVER.
<digidog> must masturbate, bb

<|Joey|> i don't care. 1 time, he can ram whatever the fuck he wants to up my ass

<|Joey|> sometime, during the day, an orgasm will come from my mouth

<Dr_iCE> dogs are annoying if they won't stop humping you:}

<|Joey|> don't worry, i pulled out

<chubbrock> you got soft on me Tim
<chubbrock> SOFT I SAY

<legoblox> i accidentally blew my load straight through my hand when i was masturbating the other night

<legoblox> if you think paige is far from naughty, you are SO missing out.

<sqweak> if +o = big dick irc style, paige is hung like fucking john holmes

* emmi is away, mauling my pussy. [log:ON]

* emmi is away, Finding a young fertile man to father my child :( [log:ON]

* warday actually has both a rubber dick & duck!

*** mr-wankey has quit IRC (limp)

* Jason` eyes his peepee to make sure he didn't leave it detached anywhere

<Jason`> unless like, each squirt for a guy is a multiple, it just don't happen

* comstud fucks Paige's dead corpse

<WizKd> I'm omnipotent, skyburn is omni-impotent

<cmang> I jerkoff all the time. probably why I'm never horny..

<aCk-> My favorite s&m is having a woman in black leather nail my penis to a table and beat it with a meat tenderizer.

<Jason`> Paige: you got along way to top teddybear sex though, so you better not lemme down (:
<Jason`> me and my poohbear stuffed animal have a "special" relationship

<Floooble> when i'm axed i'd fuck a snake if i could get its legs apart ;p

<cmang> being paige would rock.
<cmang> all I'd need is a mirror, and a tape recorder.

<Rana> You are SO adorable!!
<suprfreak> Rana: does that mean you wanna sex0r?
<Rana> You look like my lil cousin, cept he's 2

* amandaj loves to tease fnord

<Paige> i'm holding uh.. my .. uh.. pussy :(
<amandaj> me too paige
<Paige> you're holding my pussy too?!
<amandaj> yes
<fnord_> how come nobody is playing with my pussy?

* joebirch sits paigie down, gets all nekkid andseductively jiggles his manlyteetez for Paige

<oiv> fnord, receiving oral sex does wonders to the flu virus
<oiv> fnord, so how about we suck each other off

<syntax> paige has more pussy than she cna handle :(

<morex> paige loves me
Flooble> she loves everyone, shes like a care bear but taller and more arousing

<syntax> my pets get more action than me
<syntax> my dog got to nibble on this girls nipples :(

<m1croslut> if girls had a dick
<legoblox> if girls had dicks, they'd be considerably less attractive.

<h0s> do i look like i have a penis small enough to fit into a garden hose?
<fnord_> yes

* h0s ties paige up
<fnord_> you tied me to her
<fnord_> im still stuck in her


* _Str|der_ still can't find all the pieces to the bedsheet ;)

<fnord_> paige
<fnord_> my hand is stuck in your rolls of flab
<fnord_> :(
<fnord_> i was fondling you
<fnord_> and i got stuck
<fnord_> can you bend to the left?

<d0lz> my nads are totally stickin to my leg

* jenna` licks paigey back the way she likes it
* Paige moans
<Paige> jenna, you know what that does to me..
* jenna` creams
<jenna`> i luv the way u moan
<Paige> mmm
* Paige licks jenna up and down and all over
* jenna` squirms..oh don't stop
* Paige fondles jenna and continues licking her
<syntax_> DEAR GOD
<syntax_> you two have me erect :[

<R0y> I'm not horny right now
<R0y> so I aint talkative

<amandaj> paige,, he always manages to put out whenever i see him :(

<Paige> amanda i know you secretly like being quoted
<amandaj> yea it makes me horny

<syntax_> cock > pussy
<syntax_> go gay!

<fnord_> i watched my sheets this morning
<fnord_> cuz something was poking up

<syntax-> and it would surprise you if i was behind you :/

<JasonD> you know you'd bend over for her, fnord
<fnord_> i suppose i would if i were gay
<JasonD> whatever
<JasonD> paige could hogtie you and make you call her daddy

* amandaj pinches her nipples in front of paige
<amandaj> *pinch pinch*

<syntax-> and guys give better head than anyone.

<fnord_> i have to find someone whose dream date is ircing together :P

* fnord_ sticks a twig up fnordbottomhalf's anus

<sir-xaos> how did you know i had a small cock?

* fnord_ reaches down and puts his hands on eli's sexy ass

<ZED> fnord_ no, I don't need you to touch my testicles

<sir-xaos> my peepee is like the rubicks cube, the longer you play with it, the harder it gets

<sir-xaos> i think bunk is just scared
<sir-xaos> hes afriad hes gonna start having phonesex with me
<sir-xaos> and im gonna say RAPIST@#$

<amandaj> i got an aol boyfriend, an aol-im boyfriend, an irc boyfriend, a yahoo chat boyfriend, and an icq boyfriend
<amandaj> im so cool

<mrplastik> i think forlamp should strip naked, and dance for us
<mrplastik> fl, get naked you homosexual bastard

<ezekiel> im gonna go have netsex and look at some porn
<ezekiel> bbl

<zayten> no shit!
<mrplastik> no shit?
<zayten> no shit!
<mrplastik> no shit = constipation

* ezekiel flips back his customized keyboard splatter shield

<depr3ssed> heh, moderation
* depr3ssed laughs.
<depr3ssed> that means like, you only get drunk twice a day instead of threetimes, right?

<e_> im not having sex until my third marriage

<mrplastik> i'm homosexual.

<Flooble> innocent just means theres blood the first time. not good

* mrplastik stands on his penis

<mydknight> because im batman.

<mrplastik> ever sit on your balls?

<chris`> no i just wanna have sex wif my daughter :D

<syntax-> oh man
<syntax-> my scrotum
<syntax-> feels scaley
<syntax-> ack
<syntax-> ackackack
<syntax-> my penis has red dots on it :X

<cdoug> I'm contamplating whether or not I would give a testicle for a night with paige

<bunk> id finger you tim :(

<d0lz> my penis gets soooo huge
<d0lz> and it just hurts and hurts =/

<bunk> i get very big stress erections ;(

<d0lz> "hey baby, i'm this irc guy, with a huge schlong btw, who knows your brother, so like do me"
<MrLot> just get her drunk

<d0lz> you just don't get it, I watched that movie "how to be a player" so I could get in her pants... YEAH THATS IT
<bunk> i saw part of that movie tim
<d0lz> you could probably get part way in her pants then
<d0lz> i mean you have to see the whole move to get the full way in

<d0lz> you can have sex with me, i'm small =/

<PrincessX> Would you like to see some hot sexy pictures of me and my rock hard body and my Big 22cm Black Cock?

<insane---> don't you hate it when your shit gets caught in your chair

<d0lz> yeah i just saw your butt and it was like screamin "stick it in me big boy"
<Cluey> hey tim.... stick it in my big boy.. *rolling eyes*

* d0lz shags annie up the poop shoot

<Tsk-Laugh> PAIGE,. DO ME NOW
<Tsk-Laugh> I'M NAKED

<d0lz> I once did 50 shots of water
<d0lz> i was so wasted
<d0lz> =[

<d0lz> i'm up to a whopping 2 and a half inches
<|Joey|> i'm still hung like a hamster
<|Joey|> *pelvic thrust*
<|Joey|> hump the air! hump the air!

<d0lz> you were such a tight 8 year old =/

<fag> i heard there was software to turn my microsoft joystick into a virbrating dildo
<fag> where can i get this sofwarez?

* ShdwShdw rips fnord's clothes off
* ShdwShdw bends fnords ass over
* ShdwShdw makes him his lil white bitch
<fnord_> paige help :~(
<fnord_> im getting buttfucked
* fnord_ leaps forward, removing shdw's dick from his ass, whirls around, spins shdw around, and starts buttfucking him, then donkey punches him and continues to rape his tender pink anus

<JasonD> doug and a magnifying glass
<JasonD> there's entertainment

* fnord_ pulls out his dildo, and straps it to his shoulder


* j0ey hands annie a weed wacker for that ass hair
* Cluey weed wacks off half her ass
<Cluey> now i can really do stuff half assed ;)

ð zayten/#warez-paige is gone.. masturbating with my foot
ð zayten/#warez-paige has returned.. not flexible enuff :( (45s)

<zayten> my hands are so cut up, i cant even jerk off
<Paige_> hahahahahha
<zayten> Paige_: please dont laugh, i look forward to jerking off every other half hour
<zayten> especially to animal p0rn

<ZED> I need something salty and bitter
<SCARLETT-> my face isnt salty and bitter *sniff*
<ZED> here, let me pea on you

<fnord_> it tastes like zed!
<fnord_> i'd recognize that taste anywhere!

* fnord_ holds the bamboo stick up to his crotch and pretends like it's his dick

* zig is a 23yo, gothichix, from Boston. 5'2", 100lbs., black/blue, pierced nipples, tounge, ear and belly. I have inked most of my chest and bum. I look great in lowrider. I look great nakid. I like to pee standing up. /cdcp zig cdcc list for more info.

<ZED> Norbule how do you keep it up so long?


<phaelinx> paige - I have a freebsd cd imprint in my forehead from falling asleep. :\


<TFreak> She was like, "are you enjoying this"
<TFreak> And I was like thinking, dude, it feels like I'm fucking a bowl of spagetti-Os or something.


<reveal-> i had a life once then i got a AOL cd =X


<mrpokie> <Annie`> uh huh, and i am really a crackwhore hooker who gives cocaine blowjobs


[13:26] <adorable`> masturbation is best when you have those heavy duty tampons in too

[13:58] <adorable`> [12:58] <skell> well its not that i dont wanna talk to you
[13:58] <adorable`> [12:58] <adorable`> then why do you bitch about the random msg? ;)
[13:58] <sexybitch> hahaha
[13:58] * sexybitch is dying
[13:58] <adorable`> ;X
[13:58] <adorable`> god
[13:58] <adorable`> he's easy ;/


<comstud> Paige is so cute when she talks about shitting on someone's face.

<comstud> i admit
<comstud> i'm 60% gay
<Paige> haha
<comstud> hahaha
<comstud> okay, okay
<comstud> 75.
<comstud> err
<timmah> uh... I gotta go
<Ys-too> hahaha
<comstud> hahahaha
<Ys-too> 75%
<Ys-too> huh?
* comstud laughs.
<Ys-too> so you only like pussy one in four times?

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