T19 Swap

June of 1998

Since I had a close ratio T19 4spd that I had acquired in Eugene, OR last summer just lying around, and my '72 was not going to be needing it for a while (it was tied up in litigation), and my '77 was lacking in the gearing department, I decided I would swap the T19 in before the Divide Ride '98.

I had one week to get everything done.. Lockright install, 4spd swap, and twin-stick transfer case.

I gassed up my '72 Honda CL350 motorcycle and made sure it was running well 'nuff to get me to work, and then started on the trans swap.

I pulled the Scout into the gravel driveway, then pushed and shoved my 1.5T shop-hoist around so I could get it through the driver's door (note: use the passenger side, the steering wheel gets in the way).

I removed the driveshafts and trans cover. I then drained the Dana 20 and removed it. I then ran chain around the back side of the engine and over a 2x6 across the fenders. One of my tow-straps was wrapped tightly around the back end of the T15 3spd and then attached to my shop hoist. I lifted up just a bit, then unbolted the crossmember and the transmission from the crossmember.

I then removed the 6 bellhousing bolts, and disconnected the clutch shift linkage from the transmission. Slide underneath it, and give it a slight tug rearward, and the T15 was free.. I was supporting the bellhousing with my feet, while the rear of the tranny was held by the hoist. I gently lowered it to the ground, and then drug it out from under the Scout (I parked the Scout on top of a set of spare rims for a little extra height on top of the 4" lift)

I pulled the 10" clutch and flywheel, and ended up doing a complete clutch job while I was in there. I had fun riding home from NAPA with a 196's flywheel strapped to my chest on my Honda.. good thing it's a short ride!

Clutch went back together uneventfully. I then drug the T19 (which, BTW, is a good bit heavier!) under the Scout and proceeded to install it. This was the fun part. I spent 2 or 3 days under the Scout trying to get that transmission installed! I used the hoist on the rear side of the T19 and then swung the transmission's bellhousing by hand.. but it was still a heavy pig. The input shaft refused to line up properly. I eventually bought 6 longer bellhousing bolts to use as "rails" to aid in the installation.. and take a little weight off my sore arms. My back complained loudly before this operation was over.. it was stiff n' sore from exertion. After about 3 days I finally got the transmission to slide home and I cinched it up to the 196.

I then installed the transmission crossmember and removed the chain from the motor.

I was supposed to have my twin-stick'd Dana 20 ready, but I didn't.. and so the original transfer case (from behind the T15) was reinstalled on Wednesday night after work, then the drivelines reattached, and I was ready for the Divide Ride.. arriving at the camp site at 11pm that Wednesday night.

My T19 came to me without a shifter knob. I had figured on just using the 3spd shifter knob for a while.. unfortunately, the 3spd uses a coarse-thread shift lever, while the 4spd uses a fine-thread. GREAT. In a pinch, I grabbed the 4spd knob off my spare Chevy Luv.. works great.

The transmission swap was a direct bolt-in. Driveshaft lengths remained the same, shifter holes in the trans cover remained the same. All was well.

I have since found out, however, that an older transfer case (like the one behind the T15 that was swapped for the original T90 in my '72) are NOT bolt-ins. The shifter housing is thicker on the inboard side and requires approximately 1/4" of material to be removed prior to installation behind a T19. The shifter housing simply won't clear the side of the transmission. I found this out the hard way at 11pm, in the dirt on the side of the road, on a weeknight, while under my Scout in Missoula, MT trying to get it repaired so I could get home. I was already surpised the day before when I put my spare driveshaft in and found the transfer case broken in two.. imagine my surprise (or is that anger?) when I found my spare transfer case wouldn't fit!