Scout II Brake Lines

When I ordered the 4" Skyjacker Softride kit for my '77 Scout II, I decided I needed some longer brake lines.. Skyjacker sells lines @ $64 for the front, and $33 for the rear, but they're braided stainless steel, and NOT DOT approved.

Tom Reed provided the following:

The Bendix part number is 77079, I don't know what the application is. I researched this with an old timer who owns Chucks Wheel & Brake in Santa Rosa, CA. Here's the stats the stock hose is 14" long the replacement is 20" so it should be adequite for most lifts to 6". Cost was around $22.00. We found a hose with the ideal length for me of 18" however it cost $15.00 more! This was a bolt in replacement, how there are some differences from the stock hose as follows: The brass block that bolts to the rear diff using the vent bolt is a size larger (I used RTV to prevent leaks in and out) and the piece that clips to the frame bracket is round. The stock hose was hex shaped to fit the bracked, but the round fits perfectly into the hole you just have to use a wrench to hold the hose when tightening the steel line to it.

Now I don't have to worry about riping off my break hose when I hit those really big bumps and get some air.

Also as for the front lines I just bent the metal portion up towards the frame and this gave me enough extra length without kinking the hose.

Happy Scout'in
Tom Reed

The fitting that doesn't fit, is the rear diff vent-bolt. This bolt holds the brake line to the rear differential, but the new line's hole is a little large. I've been told to use RTV to make the "brass block" fit tight, and I've also heard of somone using two felt washers, one on top and bottom, with some silicone around it.

The other difference is the fitting to the frame. The old hose has a hex fitting, while the new one is round. No problem, just hold the new one with a wrench.

NAPA couldn't find Bendix Part 77079. So we did a little research for IH Scout IIs, 74-80:

NAPA Part #ApplicationLengthFitting (end 1)Fitting (end 2)
38539Right Front18.5"no thread7/16"x24tpi
38538Left Front18.5"no thread7/16"x24tpi
38531Rear14 11/16"3/8"x24tpi3/8"x24tpi

Those are the stock parts.. here's what I found to try to replace 'em in back. These should all be close fits.

NAPA Part #ApplicationLengthFitting (end 1)Fitting (end 2)Price
38129Unknown18 3/4"3/8"x24tpi3/8"x24tpi$19.99
36799Unknown17 1/2"3/8"x24tpi3/8"x24tpi$36.99
36850Rear of an up to
'85 Ford E350 Econoline Van

Additional information on the 77079 part was provided from the IHC-Digest (after I bought and installed my part):

StorePart #ApplicationPrice
Napa3719375-77 Ford E350 Rear$25
PepBoysBH3675375-77 Ford E350$29.76
CheckerSP530875-77 Ford E350$32.99
Car QuestSP530875-77 Ford E350$19.99

I ordered NAPA 36850 to try. This is a similar application (up to 85 Ford E350) as the Bendix part listed above. NAPA cross-referenced a wheel cylinder with the Bendix part number 77079!

One more good tid bit was provided by Bryan Andersen. He used a Big-A part of WAG F98947. This should run $24.99, and is 22 9/16" long. It has the two 3/8"x24tpi fittings, and a 7/16" bolt hole. Bryan said this is a direct bolt on with no washers or silicone.

Part #ApplicationLengthFitting (end 1)Fitting (end 2)Price
WAG F98947Unknown22 9/16"3/8"x24tpi3/8"x24tpi$24.99

The great part of this.. it's roughly 8" over stock. This is the line to use on a Spring over rear end, or if you have a lot of droop.


News flash! Joe Attardo provided me with some Ford caliper parts to try...

Tel-Tek / Western Auto Part numbers for a '72-79 F250 4x4 front:
Right Front - 18-4033
Left Front - 18-4034

1981 Ford F250 4x4
Right Front - 18-4148
Left Front - 18-4149

Use these Ford calipers in conjunction with the following brake lines, and you get longer lines! The problem is findng the 3/8-24tpi Banjo bolts for the Ford calipers.. I'm working on it.. but 'till then, find a junk yard!

Found it! (thanks, Joe). The following is a 10" in-line extension for you front brakes.. you'll need one per side. Note: I looked this up in the NAPA books and it's a METRIC fitting.. I'm not sure that this is the right part number. If someone else looks it up and it works, let me know! Pat Decker got a crossreference to a different NAPA number - Front P/N for NAPA cross reference 38510 or try Wagner Front P/N F113154

These are extensions that thread into the existing lines.

Mike Goodman verified them, too.

1 Oct 2001 11:20:02 -0600 From: "Goodman, Michael" Here are the correct Napa part #'s Rear: 36850 Front: 38510 They work perfectly.