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What to Look for When buying an IH Scout II
Tom Mandera, April 15th post to IH-Digest - What to look for when buying a Scout II4/15/97
Curt Cleavinger's comments from April 16th, 19974/16/97
My followup posting4/17/97

IH Transmission Codes and Gear Ratios 4/24/97
How to Identify a 1980 Scout II Dana 3005/20/97
IH Lock-O-Matic auto-locking hubs clarified4/24/97
IH Axles used from year to year 4/30/97
Tire Size / Gearing / RPM = MPH chart 4/25/97
My original Tech Tips4/29/97
Bikini Top Tips7/15/97
Electrical Accessory Wiring Tips6/23/97
Seat Belts 5/5/1998
Lower Gears for your Dana 20 12/02/97
Identify your Scout II (years) 12/26/1997
How to install a Hand Throttle in your Scout II (or other vehicle)1/22/98
York Air Compressor Data Sheet for your on-board air conversion1/29/98
On Board Air for my '774/5/98
(Longer) Brake Lines for your late model Scout II5/26/1999
TeraLow 4-1 gear set for Dana 300 comments2/4/98
4" Skyjacker Softride Install on my '77 Scout II4/5/98
New Battery Hold down4/5/1998
Underhood Shovel Storage7/21/1998
Longer rear Shackles11/30/1998
T19 4spd swap for T15 3spd11/30/1998
Lockright Locker install11/30/1998
Trimming to fit 33inch tires 2/22/1999
Scout II Lift Heights5/10/1999
Calculate RTI Scores 8/25/1999
Rear Spring-Over Axle 11/30/1999
Building a 345 - Part 1 1/10/2000
Building a 345 - Part 2
Building a 345 - Part 3
Building a 345 - Part 4 02/2001 (overdue!)
Shock Mount /Towers
Clutch Fan information
IH Frame Specifications - thickness, etc.12/8/1998
The frame swap on Ben's 1975 Scout II
Fender Trimming for 36" TSLs3/2002
SII Heater Core Info
Power Windows
More on Power Windows

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