Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 19:37:46 -0800
From: Allan Weidenheimer
To: IHC Digest Post
Subject: Frame Specifications

Somebody asked about beefing their truck, so Per the CT-402 Specifications manual (Dec 3 1971):

1210 (115-149wb) and 1310 (131-149wb) trucks have the same frame, 7x3x0.179" mild steel with 6 crossmembers and a section modulus of 4.82. Same specs for 4x4.

1210 (164wb) and 1310 (156wb) have a 7-1/16x3-1/32x0.209" mild steel frame, with 7 crossmembers and a section modulus of 5.66 Same specs for 4x4.

1510 (132wb) had 8-1/4x3/3/16" mild steel, 5 crossmembers, 6.28 section modulus.

1510 (156wb) had 8-5/16x3-1/32x7/32" with 6 crossmembers and 7.37 section modulus.

1110 (all) 6-15/16x2-21/32x0.150", 6 crossmembers, 3.96 section mod.

1010 (all) box section, inner 4-1/8x2-11/16x0.083", outer 5-3/32x 2-23/32x0.120", 7 crossmembers, 3.28 Section mod.

Scout (all) 4x3x0.120", 3 crossmembers, 1.87 section modulus.

Section modulus is a Mechanical Engineering term and relates to the bending strength (or something like that, any bolt benders here?)

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