Lift kits, measured from top of axle tube to bump stop brackets. In the rear, if your truck lacks a bump stop bracket, measure to the frame and subtract 1/2 of an inch.

Remember that variations will always exist. Some trucks weigh more or less (some drivers!) in areas. Some measurements are fairly "fresh" installs while others have been in use for years and have "sagged" somewhat.

Please email Tom Mandera with any additional measurements you can provide - even if your particular lift is listed here, more datapoints are always welcome.

Tom ManderaStock'77 XLC3.5"4.5"
Erik Van RenselaarSkyjacker2"6"6.5"
Tom ManderaSkyjacker4"7.5"6.5"
Tom ManderaSkyjacker4" w/ 2" rear shackles7.5"8"
Bob BlairSkyjacker4"6.5"6.5"
I don't remember!Triangle4"6.5"8"
Nicholas Rayer JrTriangle4"6.57.5
Nicholas Rayer JrRancho2.57.258.5
Mark AshfordSpring OverN/AN/A9.25
Mark Ashford Stock non-XLCstock3.254 7/8
Mark AshfordSpring Over3" Front, RS, Dana306.7510
Gary Meeker Ranch2.577.5
Rod Phillips Triangle A21 4"46.75n/a
Doug Mitchell Old Ranch2.55.256.25

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