7-6-2000 - just a few race reports.. Winter Baja is almost done, and Memorial Day has been MPEG'd.. workin' on it.. *sigh*
10-16-1999 - I took my Travelall fourwheeling!
9-21-1999 - upgrading one of my servers, so some of the JPGs won't be showin' up.. I'll have it back online (and T1'd) soon.
9-16-1999 - Lots to still update.. sorry! I went to RMIHR, had fun racin', ripped my exhaust off on HolyCross and destroyed a draglink.. this was AFTER I blew my "good" 72 304 up on the tow down. Racer ran great at RMIHR.. had lots of fun with friends old n' new. Limped to the Comers shop and changed out the 304 for a borrowed 345. Then smoked a radiator, shroud, and a few more belts on the tow home. But, I did then make it to the Cascade County Fourwheeler's Labor Day Race and had a good time. I turned 23 yesterday.. old man now. I'm hoping to get to work cleaning out "Tigger" from RMIHR & Racing this weekend, and maybe just maybe get started on the Travelall. I've been driving the Racer to work this week. :-) Tigger's also going in for a new dual exhaust soon.
7-21-1999 - some details on my struggle to make my first race, under the Race pages
5-4-1999 - new pictures of the racer with the front clip on it, pictures of my new Travelall. Also, new pictures of Ben's 75 Scout II and the frame swap.
4-30-1999 - Added some updated photos of the racer, and I bought a new truck last week - '72 Travelall 1110 - 1/2T 4wd. 392V8, 727 auto, 3.73 gears in the '44s.. it'll be the tow rig for th racer.
4-2-1999 - added a trail ride from last weekend
3-16-1999 - bought another Scout II.. in addition to towing home a Traveler a week ago, I bought a '72 this past weekend and started stripping it out.. needed the frame for Ben's '75. Also, Put the '77 on the '83 Pontiac. A few more pics to post and (as usual) lots more updating I'm not getting to (still haven't finished RMIHR or Nats)
3-10-1999 - Racer Pages finally..
2-22-1999 - a few more updates.. two new Trail Rides and a new FAQ on Trimming for 33inch tires
2-1-1999 - first cut at a Racer page.. also pics of Ben's '75 Scout II that I'm helping resurrect from a head-on collision.
2-1-1999 - busy busy busy... trail rides, racer to build.. fixing a friend's new '74.. wow.. but I put a few new trail ride pics up tonight..
11-30-1998 - Got some FAQs written up (Lockright install, T19 swap, shackle lift).. still more to do, but I'm getting to 'em now! Also finally yanked the 345 from the blue racer.. now to get the 727 out for the rebuild (which I'll do my best to document as well)
11-10-1998 - I'm still scanning pics.. but I've also started writing some HTML to go with 'em.. winter is here, so there's not a lot of time left to get the Scout done for the cold season.. more time for HTMLing.. but for a small sneak.. BinderChat 11/4/98 Pics are available for lookin' at.. more later, I promise! :-)

I'll also be adding the descriptions of the two racers above and what I plan on doing to them and when..

9-8-1998 - Good news: swapped the 304 from the '72 into the '77.. runs pretty well, still some "details" to take care of (hoo back on?). Also, court is done over the '72.

Bad News: I LOST the case! No $700 cash owing me, no repaired body mounts owing me, no damages for holding my Scout for 6 months, no damages for the emotional scarring my Scout suffered.. instead I owe $200... more details (the whole ugly story) later..

8-11-98, 1:15am - I'm home.. what a blast.. first some sleep.. tonight I'll see about more details.. *smile*

7-30-98 - I'm RMIHR and NWBRU bound. I leave today at noon for Lander, WY via Yellowstone. Then Friday I cruise down to Fairplay for RMIHR. I'll stay there Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues. Wednesday morning I pack up and head for Moab, UT for the rest of the day. Thursday I'm driving, and Friday I arrive in Portland at noon to meet some other IHC-Digesters to finish the trip to Seattle for NWBRU. Sat NWBRU, Sun... not sure yet.. but Monday I grab my little sister, and we head for home..

Window 'Plaque' that'll be in the '77s window..

7-10-98 - I Blew a Hub while doing some wheelin' tonight..

7-7-98 - I need to get some more tech articles up.. Lockright install, my shackles last night, tranny swap blah blah... but, more important things to do! Mike Kelly was kind enough to donate a Bronco Dana 20 to my cause - which will be giving up it's 2.466:1 gearset for my twin-stick'd Dana 20.. Mike also contributed a used 33" tire for a spare.. since I plan on acquiring a set of new 33s this week..

7-5-1998 - I'm "published"! Woo-hoo! Head over to www.4x4now.com and see my Scout gracing the "cover" (for a limited time, of course) with my Lava Mountain Trip Report. For the direct URL, try http://www.4x4now.com/trmtlm.htm. Yee-haw.

I didn't get any of my planned Scout work done (1" body lift, p/s cooler) this weekend.. but I did change out my rear driveshaft (shot U-joint.. had a spare 'shaft on the '72), cut a 31" tire, and lowered my gas tank capacity by a gallon thanks to a big rock I "turned up" (details later). Tuesday I should have some new longer rear shackles from Back Country Binders, and I should be able to get my body lift material.. can you say, 33s?!

6-26 - I added pictures from the January '79 issue of Popular Offroading

6-25-98 - Uh oh. I just looked on a map.. didja know Moab is kinda on the way from Fairplay (RMIHR) to Monroe (NWBinder)? I'd shave.. 300 miles of driving off if I drove to Moab instead of Sturgis.. oohh.. decisions.. Do I tormenty myself with only one day in Moab? Is it worth it.. anyone else going to be in the area to show me around? Sturgis and the folks associated with it.. or Moab, and more wheeling! Hmm..

6-21-1998 - Got the pictures online from the Divide Ride! I also added another "antic" describing my fun weekend in Missoula, and my first run-in with the Forrest Service..

6-17-1998 - The Divide Ride Trip Report is done! Pictures will be added this weekend when they're developed. If you find any typos, know the people on the runs, or see something that's just plain wrong.. lemme know!

6-14-1998 - I'm back from wheeling! One half of a spring bushing gone, a few nuts from the shackle, one flatter dent in the passenger fender, and one seriously mangled factory step bumper.. but it was a BLAST. I promised to finish my trip reports tonight, which I have, but I want to finish writing up the "rest of the story" - the non-Trail Riding activities we enjoyed n' such, and I just can't finish tonight! I'm beat! Work comes early tomorrow..

6-12-1998 - I arrived in Boulder at 11pm on Wed. night.. went wheelin' all day Thursday on Lava Mountain again without incident.. I made it to the ugly part of Mike's Hill.. my carb kept sputtering out on me. Today I ran the Tizer Lake trail, and it was OK.. though I broke something! I lost the nuts that hold the bolts that hold my spring n' shackle together.. *AGAIN*, on the driver's side front spring. This time I lost BOTH nuts.. *sigh*. I lost one half of my front spring bushing when the shackle fell.. what fun. I came back into town to hunt down a new bushing, but no luck. Time to shower, and head back out! The T19 and Lockright *REALLY* help.. Updates later...

6-10-1998 - I messed up the threads on the carrier bearing caps when I put the diff back in.. but finally re-threaded and got 'em in.. whew. Panic attack for a bit there.. ;) The twin-stick 'case isn't done, so after work tonight I throw in my old regular Dana 20, finish putting a few bolts in place, grab my tools, parts, clothes, food, and whatever else is handy, throw it into the Scout, and I'm heading for Boulder for the Divide Ride. Oh.. gotta buy more film, too. :-) In any manner, I'll probably be off-line until Sunday.. with plenty of new stories to tell!

6-7-1998 - I managed to pry my front differential out, and then install the Lockright locker! Unfortunately, there are no hardware stores open at 7:30pm on Sunday in Helena, so I have to wait until tomorrow to get new ring gear bolts prior to re-installation. It was easy. If I can do it, you can do it. Can't wait to get this whole thing back together again.. :-) Time to eat some grub, then I'm going back out to the garage to start putting the Dana 20 back together..
6-6-1998 - updated the '77 SII pages, the '72's pages, added pics to a few Antics pages, updated the Ford Caliper conversion (longer brake lines) information. I also put the T19 into the '77, and tomorrow my Lockright gets installed, and the Dana 20 nearly rebuilt..
BTW, I plan on attending the RMIHR, then hit Sturgis for a day, and then the NW Binder Roundup.. hope to see you all there!
6-3-1998 - spruced up the trip report with some photos! I also added some pictures from my mother's wedding.. excellent view from the top of MacDonald Pass.. perfect for a small wedding ceremony.
6-2-1998 - I put up the Trip Report from my trail ride on the 30th last night.. look under "Antics".
I also finally finished pulling my spare Dana 20 apart, and dropped off the shift rails at the fabricator's this morning.. should be ready Thursday. Wednesday I pull the T15 and Dana 20 out of the '77.. throw a new clutch disc in, and hopefully get the T19 into it.. Thursday the Lockright shows up, and the shift rails should be done.. put the Dana 20 back together, install it, then open up the front '44 and put the Lockright in.. might get it done Thursday.. more like Friday night. Then I get to go and test it..
5-31-1998 - I had a *blast* fourwheeling on Saturday. Sure, I broke a front U-joint, tweaked my driver's rear shock mount, broke the passenger rear shock bolt (note to self: next time, go slower before you crash a mud-hole), and added a new dent to the passenger door, and enlarged a dent on the passenger front fender. It was *still* fun! I'll get the "Trip Report" up shortly.. even more importantly, it was a pre-run for the "Lava Mountain" trail for our Divide Ride Jamboree in two weeks!
I have a Dana 20 lying mostly apart in the garage.. I'll take some more pictures, and finish it up tomorrow.. take it in to have the shift-rails modified, and then put it back together with the Dana 18 shifters (twin stick!). Middle of this week I'm pulling the T15 and throwing in my close ratio T19.. along with the twin-stick T'case. Then.. should be Thursday, FedEx should be dropping off my front Lockright locker! My '77 should be fairly equipped then.. rear Tracklok, front Lockright.. 4spd.. Divide Ride '98, Here I come!

5-6-1998 - You have to check this one out.. the often talked about but, until now, rarely seen photo of.. Daisy Duke kissing me!. Yep, the Daisy Duke aka Catherine Bach, of the Dukes of Hazzard. Granted, I was all of 4 and a half at the time.. :-)

5-5-1998 - Added another "antic" with 3 new pics of the '77 climbing down a trail.. one new pic to the SeatBelt FAQ, and updated my Cars page with pics of my non-Binder equipment.
I have a bunch more pics to add soon.. including a trip-report from a trail ride on Saturday the 2nd of May.

4-28-1998 - More than a few of you already know.. but.. wedding's off.. long story, but suffice it to say - it was for the best. Still have some "housecleaning" to do on the website.. I'll get around to it!
I added some pics of the Softride lift in action, and moved the NW Roundup pics under "Trip Pics" finally.
Still need to revamp my '77 and '72 pages with updated information, and updated "plans." I also have another roll of film - with some rock crawlin' - to have developed.
I also added a pic of my rollbar based shoulder-harness seatbelt setup in the '72.

3-1-1998 - Thought I'd just share with everyone that the Montana 4x4 Association is having our first State Jamboree - the Divide Ride '98. My local 4x4 club is a participant, and it'll all be taking place 27miles from my garage! Naturally, I'm working on a little website with details and such.. June 11-14th in Boulder, MT. Check out http://m4x4a.tmcom.com

2-18-1998 - 22:45 - It's HOME!!! At 7pm tonight the tow truck pulled up out front, and dropped my '72 Scout II back in it's spot in front of the garage! Known damage from that creep? Looks like he kicked in the rear fenders, behind the wheel wells.. the flooring is torn up, some wires yanked, one dead battery, etc. Still taking inventory, but it doesn't look *that* bad.. But, my "big" '72 (it has the 304) sure looks small sitting on those 235/75R15s next to my "little" (196 powered) '77 sitting on those 31x10.5s and 4" Softride.. :-)

2-18-1998 - Yippee Two good things! 1) My 4" Softride kit has been installed (after 24hrs of torture working on it.. look for an update to my "lift-progress" page soon). 2) My 1972 Scout II is coming home! I got a call from the body man lastnight, and he's decided to do me a "favor" and give me back my truck .. better for him to give it today, than for me to ask for it in front of the judge tomorrow.. 10am I have a scheduling conference to see where we're going..

2-10-1998 - I decided I'd document my 77's Plans since my '72 is tied up in litigation with no end in sight. Court's been pushed back farther, and now it's time for the heavy hittin' lawyers to make things clear to this bozo. I ordered a 4" Softride kit for my '77.. should be here any day!

1-14-1998 - I got a new toy.. a video capture board. I made a few captures from Desperado (starring Antonio Banderas, Selma Hayek, and a Scout!). I'm still awaiting a Feb 5th court appearance to get my 1972 Scout II back from the dishonest body man that's had it since the beginning of spring.. *sigh*

12-23-1997 - I've started documenting my PLAN for my 1972 Scout II.. let me know if I missed anything!

10-23-1997 - Roll 4 and some misc. photos online! Hit the link below!