RMIHR 7/2007

We arrived at RMIHR Thursday evening, checked into our Hotel, and settled in.

Friday morning we made our way down to the Chaffee County Fairgrounds to see everyone and what was going on.

RMIHR Bound July 2007

After missing RMIHR for a few years, and with Joleigh old enough to consider taking her on a road trip of this magnitude, and getting AC installed in the '73, we loaded up and headed south for the 2007 RMIHR

We took a bit of a scenic route, stopping in Whitehall, MT for the 2007 Divide Ride to take care of some M4x4A business before motoring on through Yellowstone to Willy Cunningham's place in Lander, WY.

Air Conditioning (6-7/2007)

Michelle had been asking (insisting?) on air conditioning for a few years, but I never got around to installing AC in the Travelette. As RMIHR approached, we made the decision to just drive the Green '73, leaving the Travelette at home. The advantage was 15mpg compared with ~7mpg, so our fuel costs were half.

Of course, the Scout didn't have air conditioning either, and Scouts get kinda hot inside, too.

So, with $1000 or so from the income tax refund, I placed an order with Arizona Mobile Air / ACKITS.com for a Scout II AC kit.

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Adding some Caster 5/2007

I didn't want to do a cut n' turn on a Dana 30, didn't want to upgrade to a Dana 44, couldn't put spring shims in because this Scout has a 4" Triangle lift, but I wanted to add a little caster for highway manners.

Thus, I tracked down the parts through NAPA for the upper balljoint eccentric.

IIRC it was $60-ish for both sides.

New rear Bumper 4/07

The stock rear bumper on the '73 was bent, and among other things dented the tailgate a little by having the tailgate rest on rubber bumpers on the bumper when opened.

Since I had to remove the bumper anyhow to install a receiver hitch I acquired from Mark Young (EagleMark) while at the BinderBash a year before, I thought it was time to whip up another rear bumper.

New Headliner 8/05

One of the easiest things for the Green Scout was to add some insulation and a headliner to the bare steel interior.

Some Reflectix was cut and installed in the ceiling and behind the fiberglass side panels, then a $10 sheet of hardboard was cut to Bill USN1's specs, then $27 of headliner material was spray-adhesived to the hardboard.

For a little extra bling, I cut out some IH logos out of cardboard and glued them down under the headliner material.

Disc Brake Conversion on the Dana 30 - 2005

One of the other items I needed to address early on was the drum brakes, particularly after I found a worn out wheel hub with a spun race in the front drums.

Thus, in August of 2005, the disc brake swap started..

I decided to convert using the F150/Chevy hybrid parts I've used in the past, which let me retain the stock Dana 30 6-stud knuckles. This is NOT my wheeling Scout, and hopefully keeping the Dana 30 (for 4x4 on poor roads, not for off-road) will help deter me from wanting to wheel it.