Dana 60 Conversion for my Travelette

I bought my 1974 Travelette at the end of June 2001. I wanted a 4x4, but found a nice 2wd truck.

After a while, I found out that eventually I was going to have to do something - the rotors are not to the "discard" point, but they're not too far from it, and new rotors for the A-arm 74/75 3/4 & 1T pickups are not available at any price.

Plus, I've gotten stuck a few too many times with the truck - it's definitely worthless in the winter, and not great on wet grass, either.

So a plan to convert it to 4x4 was hatched, and I started collecting parts, including a Dodge Dana 60 basket case, and a 74 200 4x4 pickup that I parted out, and even a '79 Chevy C30 4x4 which is going to donate the hydroboost brakes and the front springs (instead of the 3/4T 200 springs).

I've been talking about this for years.. time to make some progress.

Post Bozeman Tuff Truck Damage / Repairs

After fixing the rollover damage from February, the body and shock damage from Memorial Day, and the little things from the JI Binder Bash, I went down to Bozeman to race in August... and broke it again. :D

This time the damage included the violent removal of the new lower shock mount I built on the driver's side along with a broken shock shaft on the new reservoir shock on that side..

Along with the front driveshaft contacting the transmission pan and doing some damage, and more frame cracks.

Rear shock Hoop and more repairs

While at the JI Binder Bash in June I discovered I'd broken a front center pin in the driver's leaf pack. There was also some unfinished items I wanted to get done before going, but didn't - but needed done before the next race.

The big upgrade I needed to finish was the rear shocks, finally going to a through-the-bed design to get enough room for the shocks.